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Man, I've been forced to think a lot about shoes lately. Lack of footwear is killing me. I could wear my white chucks and it'll look passable but I'm thinking: [[SPOILER]] +Black longwings? (it's not too MC is it? because that's not the vibe I'm going for) [[SPOILER]] I mean, if anyone's got a pair of Raf derbies or something in a 41 that they want to donate...
BUSINESS CASUAL I just need my v2 oxford to get here so I can finally complete the set ()
Dat "mature cut" I've tried countless times but none of the pics I take seem to really capture the way these fit and look in real life. Anybody wanna recommend me some shoes to go with these? Nice black heavy soled English shoe perhaps?
I've been wearing my +J down jacket for the past week or two. It's the last size S in black too. I had no winter outerwear whatsoever this season (having sold and donated most of my stuff) and this thing serves its purpose more than fine.
I've had these trousers for a few months now, here's a picture of the grey flannel for anyone who's interested in what the color looks like. Sized up 2 (for that relaxed and neat Schneider vibe), had the waistband tightened and had them hemmed to no break/micro break. I'm just patiently awaiting my oxford now. Sometimes you just gotta look like a respectable grown man.
Here are some of my personal favorites:"n e one get tracking yet?""lamb or calf gaiz?""should i get a jacket in [unconventional color 1] or [unconventional color 2]?" You gotta wade through thousands of posts like that before getting to the odd gem here and there (i.e. fit pics and/or walls of texts about clothes from the boss himself)
Don't know how Arsenal will fare against Schalke tomorrow (I am forever the optimist, coyg, etc) but German football fans are on another level (quite envious of that aspect of German football to be honest). Their traveling contingent of fans are even louder than their opponents' fans most of the time.
Jenkinson is an excellent player.
I think having a dull knife dragged across my throat for 90 minutes+ would be an equal if not more enjoyable experience than seeing Arsenal play lately. Should've just said "fuck it" and go 4-2-4/4-1-5 like against Reading. We've got nothing to lose and I could not give less of a fuck at this point.
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