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I'm sick of that picture of the suited guy on the SW&D banner thing
I got an estimate from Charly that my shirt may or may not get shipped out until next Friday, making it around 12 weeks.Hopefully I'll benefit from being a sort of early adopter with the MA-1 in terms of wait times.
Melton wool MA-1 would be excellent. Wool A-2 was awesome too actually. I could see myself getting one for winter and sizing it a little more generously than my leather one for layering.
I didn't know that you couldn't wear suiting wool with a backpack. I'm already thinking about what color to get the MA-1 in. Probably black or navy (leaning towards navy) but you could probably make a pretty good case for a nice desert sand beige. Infinite color possibilities with that super 150s.
I can't be bothered if Arsenal aren't playing.
Have V2s started rolling out yet? I'm almost two months into my wait. Must remain chaste - almost caved to some Thom Browne awhile ago
Fuckin Bayern. Round of 16 should be excellent. Particularly Man Utd and Real Madrid.
T1 = Levi's type II T3 = Levi's type III
Kind of the point I was making - it's awesome that this thing is just loaded to the brim with these neat little details in its construction. Like some kind of over-engineered German car. I dunno, I'm just really hyped on getting it.
So I know what a non-fusing collar/cuffs is now (sorta). I became a little obsessed after I ordered my shirt and it led me to all sorts of corny trad menswear forums. Pretty informative stuff though. The kind of engineering that goes into legit high end shirting seems absurd. Also noticed that the v2's last button hole is horizontal in the picture - I see you bro. I can see why dudes go for the Uniqlos and stuff though because the v2 is just masturbation. Nobody is...
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