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Collared moto = Current object of desire. Is there some kind of a brown color with a small hint of red to it? Does that exist? I'm thinking whiskey might be a little too light. Also, I know I've asked this before but regarding the shirting, do we get some slack for buying multiples?
"Desert look" = rugged war correspondent steeze? Y'know, blue oxford shirts with the khakis and maybe a 5 o'clock shadow and some kind of jacket with lots of pockets?
Crystal/transparent frames (with a nice shape) are a nightmare to find.
Shirts - are they cheaper when you buy more than one? Can they be had without the pocket?
Never in my life have I ever cared to own a leather jacket before, but now... I wish my insurance would pay for a TOJ leather jacket, shit is just above my pay grade right now
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Wrong way to wear Rick Owens...? Holy shit, is that Didier Drogba?
^Thanks, I haven't handled Alternative Apparel, but I know American Apparel makes a shirt with a more relaxed neck opening, I think I'm going to try those out. If I had a few extra arms and legs to spend on basics, I would most definitely fucks with those N. Hoolywood blanks.
You know what I admire about the English? You guys headbutt in fights.
Are wallets still available?
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