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Not gonna lie, I don't follow Serie A, but my bias for years now has always leaned towards Inter because I think they've got one of the nicest shirts in Europe (mind you, nothing will ever be as beautiful as the Arsenal red and white of course...)
I wonder if its waist-length? Whatever it is, you can almost make out the weave of that wool twill. So nice
^You saw it too huh?
Ideally, Monreal will become the Arsenal equivalent of, say, Zabaleta. A hardy and dependable fullback. I'm a big fan of Gibbs (and Richards too actually) but depth is a good thing.
I think...I think I want to wear this shirt everyday. I might just. What are the care instructions? Machine wash? It seriously cannot afford to shrink because it's already pretty much bespoke to my upper body.
I want another one already. Probably sized up with length (to keep on ice). How am I supposed to go back to my uniqlo now?
Shirt came in today. Couldn't get back from class in time so I just got a postcard saying that they missed me. Goddamn it.
Who is making a nice pair of tapered/narrow/skinny wool tweed trousers these days? Something with a respectable grown man rise and doesn't have the Burberry Prorsum price tag.
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