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I googled "helmet bag" and looked at the various army surplus versions. Carrying on that aviation theme I see. Pretty sure most of TOJ designs can be traced to some militaristic origin/inspiration
I don't feel very good right now. Thought it was bullshit but there's gotta be some weight to it if it's on the Guardian. Not sure how I feel if it goes through to be honest.
I have a lot of faith in the Arsenal academy and reserves. Lots of promising youngsters Chuks Aneke and Chuba Akpom look great. There's also the two Barca boys (Toral and Bellerin) and of course Gnabry and Eisfeld. To think Arsenal could have had Niang too...
Man. The 2.3 will always be my personal favorite DR. I can't pull off double riders but that's one that I've always admired. Any of you guys who question the black lamb and how it'll wear over time need to take a look at this beauty -
Already pre-ordered the suiting wool MA-1 so that area of my wardrobe is covered. While a varsity wouldn't necessarily be redundant, I don't like giving myself too many options. Even though I was never really a varsity guy, I do get the odd fleeting impulse to get one in Arsenal colors but that usually passes quickly. I like to keep a gallery tab open on my browser of the item I ordered so I can look at it every once and awhile. "Soon..."
Arsenal couldn't keep up for most of the first half but I think they put in a respectable shift in the second. I'm just happy it wasn't a complete massacre.
Ain't nobody got time for trophies.
Beautiful Harrington.Harrington collars aren't meant to be folded down though. Sorry, it's just kind of a pet peeve
I don't even want to think about Arsenal after some shit like that. Fuck.
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