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^There is no decision to speak of. Why go for the diet coke when you can get the full flavor, cane sugar, glass bottled Mexican coke? Go for the 2013 TOJ DR.
Opted to watch the Dortmund Malaga match. While I'm kinda bummed for Malaga, I'd rather see Dortmund go through.
I bought true-to-size/one down and they look fine. You guys make this shit too hard for yourselves.
Damn, when d'you order?Where are my other pre-order bros at?!
Diaby...just tragic. Honestly speaking, who would be an almost like-for-like replacement for Diaby? You won't find a more technically gifted player that's as smooth on the ball as Abou Diaby. Dude is seriously good but just absolutely cursed. At worst, when he's rusty, he can be quite languorous but at his best he's an absolute joy to watch on the ball - especially when he dribbles and just glides through dudes with his long strides. Would have been one of the most...
I feel like I should be copping all kinds of shit with the weak yen right now but, I'm broke and there's really not much that I want to be honest.
Holy shit. Cupsoled Old Skools are like the dream sneaker for me. I would hoard that shit in a heartbeat if it existed
Actually feeling that Wenger fit y'all. #menswear
Don't care about the circumstance in which they won, just happy that Real Madrid won (and I'm not even a Real Madrid fan).
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