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This is a stock 46 and pretty much falls in line with their size chart Add 4% for Paypal fee Shoulder (across the back) - around 17in Sleeve length - 25.5in Pit to pit - 21.25in Length - 22.25 (front), 25.5 (back) PM for any other measurements
*Comes with original tote bag Price includes shipping & Paypal fees Measurements (in inches) Shoulder (across back): 16.5 Body length (back): 24 Width (pit-to-pit): 19.5 Sleeve length: 24.5 (If you want any other measurements, just PM) Fit pics
Denilson, Squillaci and Arshavin off the books! Just waiting for Monaco to buy Chamakh for 100 mil and we're set. The academy's also getting a massive refresh too
I've been going through Arsenal withdrawal. Going from watching every single match (including cup and the odd reserve game here and there) to having to survive on scraps and crumbs of ridiculous transfer rumours and speculation is killing me. Won't be till July that I'll be able to maybe see a highlight reel from some friendly match in Asia.
[[SPOILER]] Does dis make me look fat? also, dat feel when you lean back in a chair and your jacket compresses
People don't realize how robust this MA-1 actually is for just day-to-day wear. There's this vibe about the MA-1, especially in the navy color that I really love. Like I'm wearing something that's been issued to me. Something a mailman or a cop would wear. I really love that. And it's very comfortable because I wasn't too fussy about the measurements and was pretty generous in sizing it and the jacket itself feels like a light down comforter.
Sup ladies.I did take a front fit pic but I was slouching and looking shitty.I'm just gonna order everything in this size from now on. [[SPOILER]] The navy under bright fluorescent bathroom lighting. Might get some kind of brush for this though, seems to attract lots of little hairs and stuff. But yeah, the herringbone weave on that wool
That was a crucial 3 points. Can't afford to play like this next week.
I know what you mean. TOJ has always been about fine animal fibers and leathers.Wool twill MA-1 for upcoming winter would be awesome.
1 (one) US American dollar. That is the exact and precise amount that you can resell it for.
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