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I note that after some wear, you'll be able to close them much more -- the leather stretches and the cork footbed will sink a little. When I bought my PAs (7E) the quarters were almost as wide as yours, now they're nearly parallel and fit like a glove.
I thrifted some pants that are a bit too short, so I lengthened the hem a 1/2" with available material. When I ironed it, I can't seem to make the previous hemline disappear. These pants are 98%cotton 2%stretch, and I ironed with steam on the highest temperature setting. Any ideas? What trick do the drycleaners use?
That thigh gap...
Thoughts on the Patriot loafer in Football Grain, or on shoes of said leather in general? I already have the Patriots in brown, are these significantly different?
I have a BB woven silk tie that I recently ironed (layed flat under a sheet, using a bit of steam). It now looks flat but lifeless, and perhaps became more rigid. It's also hard to get a dimple in the knot. Any ideas?
Using the current search option is frustraiting, and I'm convinced that it skips lots of matching results. Any type of size selector during browsing would be good.
Is there a feature on B&S forums to search by size (e.g. 8D shoes)? This would be most useful...
What's everyone's opinion of Park Aves in Walnut Grain? Seems like an odd combination. I've also never seen walnut grain in person. Would I be able to wax the toe cap to a near-mirror finish?
Shell cordovan Harrisons on ebay. Any ideas on what's going on with the creasing near the start of the laces?
Orient Bambino
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