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Not appropriate for job interviews or blowing coke with your wall st homies. For everything else, you're solid.
San Diego Marshalls in UTC has about two dozen Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece suits (solid navy and med-gray), sized 40S - 46R, all $299. Labeled hand crafted, USA union made. Very nice fabric and fits slim, wish they were my size.
Anyone here actually prefer dress shirts made from a poly-blend fabric? I find that the 60/40% cotton/polyester shirts feel cooler and stay shaped longer than 100% cotton. I've got some shirts by Stafford (JCPenney house brand) that I prefer to nice cotton oxfords. As for longevity -- I don't normally own shirts for more than a few years anyway... much longer thread on this is here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/13820/why-are-cotton-poly-blend-shirts-undesirable
Interesting question. I don't have an answer, but could you share more background about your project / query?
I have a pair of AEs which I condition with Lexol (once / month) and apply meltonian cream (once / week). I've noticed that whenever I condition them, they acquire a smell which persists for weeks. It's kind of musty and somewhat acrid, but not altogether unpleasant -- kind of a old-leather-jacket smell. It is coming from the outside of the shoe, not the inside. It is quite strong to the point that every once in a while I am aware of it while walking down the street. ...
Hugo von Bossenshaften (a.k.a. Hugo Boss) was a Nazi camp guard in WWII. So no, it's totally not Okay.
There's a listing in AE's shoebank for a shoe called 'Strandmok Snuff Suede' 8226S. There's no photo, and it came up in my search for shoes on welted last #5. What is that thing!?
The following oddly-designed PRL loafers (latex combat sole, furry lining??) are listed on ebay. I usually wear AE balmorals, but need something a bit more relaxed. YAY or NAY?
PSA San Diego norstrom rack in mission valley has a pair of AE Strand in walnut 7D for $150. Shoes reconditioned but in excellent shape.
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