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AE Allen Edmonds LaSalle 7.5D in black calf Got these off the bay, wore a few times on carpet and the #8 last just doesn't fit me in this size. Uppers in very good shape, no noticeable defects. Soles have toe and heel taps, and plenty of life left. I think these shoes may have been seconds, and the only thing I see is that the cushioned insoles in the shoes have some edges that look like they've been cut by hand -- this doesn't affect fit and look at all. Shipping to...
V shaped lacing looks totally fine. This is what my new AE park ave looked like, after 10 wears the sides are almost parallel; I think the cork insole sinks a bit, lowering my arch in the shoe. If the toes are tight, however, you need a larger or wider size.
Y'all realize that anyone can patent this, if not done so already?
Olympic ice skating in Sochi
I don't understand why you're dealing with a tailor who charged you $150. If you bought the suit at BB, they do the tailoring in-house for free, and in my experience are capable of excellent workmanship.
PSA San Diego norstrom rack in mission valley has a pair of AE strand 8D for $200
if you want a quartz dress watch, check out Skagen, they have some nice ones in your price range
that's an awfully large category. quartz, automatic, wind-up, etc? I prefer seiko5 automatics, there are many styles below $100, the basic movements are solid. many of them have 34-36mm which should look good on a small wrist. You can also purchase a small-sized watch band. check out mr watch dot com, and many many others
Zara dress pans on ebay
AE Winhall in Brown. With navy suit or gray/navy separate trousers. Yay or Nay?
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