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Any idea which model chelsea that is?
Is there a functional reason to have the pleats stitched down, or is it purely for looks?
Thanks aton! Its much appreciated.
Does anyone know what the widths of Fresco fabrics are? Can't seem to find the answer anywhere.
FYI, from their website.***** NEW CLAD RETURN POLICY FOR ORDERS PLACED ON OR AFTER 2-15-2012 *****ALL SALES FINAL:All new orders placed on or after 2/15/2012 will be considered “Final” with no returns or exchanges accepted unless the merchandise is visibly defective or damaged.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji I've read starting strength, I don't need all that beginning fitness advice. An hour at the gym is nothing and isolation movements do have a purpose, my arms don't really get all the fatigued from doing deads and over head press, which is why I do 1 set of isolations exercises for my arms. This is 1 half of the split, that and warm up sets could easily take 2 hours. 5X5 power cleans 5x5 dumb bell over head...
http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ http://www.fitday.com/ i prefer myfitnesspal
Quote: Originally Posted by Morgan My strength increased consistently and I put on maybe 5-10 pounds of muscle over 5 months. I was thrilled, but recently my knees began to ache. Sometimes the pain occurs while I am doing the deadlift or squat, but not usually. The pain will typically strike at random later in the day, while I am walking to lunch, or walking home from work. It's not a sharp pain, but deep and sometimes intense - like I have to sit...
Quote: Originally Posted by hankwx its warm for cold weather. it DOES NOT react to snow. its suede! snow will DESTROY it... .
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