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I have a bit of an issue I've been dealing with for a while, and I feel it's time I do something about it. Basically I have quite a bit of body hair, and that includes back, shoulder and upper arm hair. As unsightly as my back hair is, my shoulder hair is posing a unique problem. 2-3 years ago I developed the habit of pulling out my shoulder hairs- usually with tweezers, but sometimes with my fingers. I think it satisfies an urge I've had all my life (at least when I...
Yes they do but they stretch out to original size (maybe even a little bit more). They shrunk at the very least an inch in length, though.
Lil' update on mine: Got raw Authentics last october. So here are mine after seven months of moderate, semi-often wear, with their second wash a week ago. (click to enlarge) (just realized the second one looks like a face) You may note the lack a of wallet silhouette on either of the back pockets. I like to be original.
Well, a bit of an update on my "new" gap jeans. Got raw Authentic fit at the beginning of october and have been wearing them fairly consistently since then. Washed once (warm, light wash and inside out) to shrink them in December, and washed them again pretty hard last night. Barely a hint of fading, except for some faint crotch-whisker striations. Now granted I don't wear them 12 hours a day 7 days a week like some denim nuts, but I figured after several months of...
Would it be bad to hot-wash/soak my raw gap jeans after a couple months of wear, as far as fading in the long run? I just don't like how they fit after being stretched out (even though I have a pair of non-raw in the exact same fit/size that fit amazingly), and it'd be nice the shrink the length a bit.
Vince from Shamwow is living proof it is.
Whoa, weird, those aren't the same as the rigid authentics I bought a few weeks ago. None of my belt loops are crooked like yours in the picture. What's with that? You sure yours are really the raw/rigid? I have another pair of Authentics, and they do have the crooked belt loop.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ctrl+W which ones are these? i stopped by a gap store some months ago and wasn't too impressed, but these look nice. are these available on gap's website? I think they're the gap raw selvage authentic. I have the same pair, I like them. Really loved the fit until they stretched out a bit. Hopefully they'll shrink a bit when I decide to wash them.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one myself, winq, and our female roommate at the time all bought this Uniqlo black suede/gunmetal buckled 1" women's belt last year and it's still my only real belt right now, $20. Very plain, not appallingly cheap looking, and it looks a lot like the nondescript designer belts you pay $200 for, and it goes with a lot of stuff. I think the largest size they had was 90cm and winq and I competed to see who could go the...
Been wearing my 32x30 rigid Authentics around a lot lately. They're nice and comfy and I like the fit, and they look pretty nice, but the fact that Gap lied about the length really bugs me (I'm not interested in walking around with my jeans cuffed up, thank you very much), and I'm starting to think about getting the legs tapered a bit towards the bottom (will just make sure to let the tailor know not to cut out the selvedge, lol). More concerned about the length...
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