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I was lucky enough to get a free grenadine when Shaya announced them. I usually go for 7 fold hand rolled/untipped and was curious to see what ET had to propose under its brand when it already sells top quality products. After hesitating with the purple one, I decided to go for a burnt orange in grossa. The tie is well made and pleasant to knot. The silk has a very nice crunch feeling, on similar construction my "branded" ties can't compete. The color is not a common one...
If I remember correctly they are 2 different registration. GDL, how will you manage foreigners "wish list": stock is melting and I have received no feedback on mine...
New or mint condition to be shipped to Sth Korea.
Well I can understand that ; oppositely to Arnys that is nobody's name, having a brand by the name of one of your employee would sound strange. Anthony and his team keep doing shoes but you can't commission them anymore, you will buy Berluti and the process is then managed within whole Berluti bespoke team.
I dont think I posted my A Delos (first and last):
Not sure I searched long enough but I could not get where the benchgrade shoes are made, any information on the forum? Oups, 30 seconds longer search result: "The benchgrade shoes are made by a different shoemaker in Vietnam, also using European leathers. Although I'm calling them benchgrade, they still feature a great deal of handwork, Asia being the last place this can be done affordably. With goodyear welt construction, channeled soles, and hand antiquing they rival...
Pm sent :-)
Hi, I am on my way to Seoul and intended to pay a visit to B&Tailor tomorrow but could not find in the thread nor on the blog the location and how to contact them. Do they speak english there? Thanks for your help
Just to inform you 7/ inside and 7- on thesole stand for 7.5 in Weston UK size.
Soles and box look fine. Do you plan to put pictures of the upper?
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