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Wear the polos which fit best. Polos are typically either sized big and baggy or slim. I have Mediums which are huge, and Mediums which fit like Small t-shirts. So go with polos which fit tight. Try Smalls, even -- but just because the arms fit good on a Small, make sure the length is good enough too. Best polos I found for slim fit (and are affordable) have been Ralph Lauren and Lacoste.
CCCP-Shirts.com Anyone ever deal with this website or heard anything about it? Legit or safe? (It's for a Ukrainian t-shirt BTW.... Not going to walk around with an actual hammer & sickle on my chest lol)
Hugo Boss shoes. Thoughts? Really love the look of these. http://www.gravitypope.com/product-detail.php?id=9087|50 No experience or knowledge of their show quality though.
any thoughts on length for 6'1? 36L or 36XL?
Quote: Originally Posted by dls6128 Here's a fit pic I posted in WAYWT a few days ago: I'm 6'1, 37" chest, with long arms (shirts with 25-26" sleeves fit me best). I sized down to a 34XL. XL perfect for sleeve length? I'm basically the same height (and likely weight, chest, too) but usually have L coats. They're usually not as slim fitting though. Was thinking either 36L or 38L. Did you go XL just because you wanted a slim 34? (You suggested...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Yes, dick bulge and tight ass are not attractive in a fit. Looks like girl jeans Yeah. Legs look great but too tight off the hips. My APCs are like that stilll
Quote: Originally Posted by Smahatma I'm hoping this does run a little small like I've read. I just wanted to say -- and sorry if it was originally posted a while ago -- that I love that jacket. By the way, is there much interest in more urban clothing on this forum? I tend to lean toward subtle and formal, but I do also enjoy wearing a relaxed pair of Evisu jeans and a BAPE sweater. I don't like my casual clothing too loud or baggy (no...
Adidas x Kazuki x NBHD Sharptail Boot http://www.individualsole.com/2009/0...harptail-boot/ I'm trying to find an online store from which to buy these. I've only found 2 sites so far with items from this collaboration. Livestock never had this particular boot as far as I saw, and The Tres Bien shop is now sold out. I'm hoping someone as seen them for sale on another website that I happen to not be aware of. Thank you. p.s. I'm actually leaning toward the brown flanel...
Has anyone seen-in-person or tried on the Adidas NBHD x Kazuki Kuraishi pea coat? http://deadstock.ca/catalog/index.ph...ategoryid=3100 Absolutely love the collaboration, and I'm trying to decide which item to get from it. I would very much like one item before it sells out everywhere, but I'm unsure of which. Truthfully, the pea coat is not the one I'm leaning to. Even if I could afford it (another pea coat is low priority; maybe better to save up for my first Burberry...
Quote: Originally Posted by Davine That sounds interesting. Can you post a picture of a tee altered like this? Yeah I'd be curious too.... I've never even thought about it before. But I do have a few t-shirts that I wish fit a bit better in certain areas.
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