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Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness This must be the famous polak logic I hear so much about. Get off your high horse you self entitled know it all prick
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai More antiquing? Which of those genetic traits is most useful for that profession? a good EYE to spot them...powerfull ARMS to lift...nimble HANDS to count the dollaz,sharp MIND to make the deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai my other half is litvak. educated, inbred. neither poles, thankfully. p.s. you make me sad. yeah you dont want any of that robust,brave,superior genome in the gene pool. keep inbreeding so you all start looking MORE alike. P.s you make me laugh...now piss off i got things to do.
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai For the most part, though much of the furniture belonged to my Galitzianer grandparents. i have ukrainian roots (before the pomeranian resettlement) ,my great grandfather probably used to call your great grandfather a dumbass. oi vey
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai Did you notice that mine was an Ikea knockoff? i just skimmed over it,nice place i give credit where credit is due (probably goes to the woman though)
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire No one needs to put words in your mouth. You have outlined your antisemitism quite thoroughly on your own. I do like the thought of a globetrotting antisemitic vintage furniture dealer though that can buy my ass 10x over. Don't stop making this shit up, son. It's too good. eh if i was making it up dont you think i would make it something more glamorous dumbass. just because you dont own a passport...
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai Some people feel oppressed by original Knolls. heh,by the way i received it and yes its an original,stamped no stickers etc must be a european set .yes it was less then usual but i deal in vintage furniture (which i admittedly left out) so it was a bulk purchase. i looked through your apt thread so i can see you know more or less you are talking about but i make a living at this (a very good one) so stop...
hehe,you think you are going to lead me to say something? dont put words in my mouth. there are reasons for what my beliefs are,its not ignorance or teachings from my parents,its all based on personal experiences. you have yours i have mine,why am i not entitled to them as you are? you are going to say because they are wrong,well its not wrong to me. im sure you have a dislike of something or someone,like me for example and thats based on experience (mostly me calling you...
Quote: Originally Posted by bringusingoodale Hating Jewish people is sort of like a rite of passage for some cultures. It used to be de rigueur even in America. I wouldn't make to much out of some kids aping what they think is going to make them stand out. maybe,to some degree. majority is based on personal experiences,a dislike or hate that runs that deep and so long can only be attributed to that
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches i actually get pm's for matters like those. for real. a spread sheet would be a good way to do it hardy har har boys damn it In Stitches why do you make it so difficult to hate you,must you keep your cool all the time and be in a good spirits? it goes against eveything SF is.
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