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I own a pair and love them!! Great shoe!
Sorry guys...I guess I just missed this attachments you go Chris
Brand New Ralph Lauren Purple Label Cooper bag...Retail $3,495...asking $1,000 shipped UPS insured. Also has purple storage bag. Email with questions Chris
THEY HAVE ALL BEEN SPOKEN FOR. THANK YOU I have "The Rake" Issue 2, 5, 6 & 7 for sale. $18 an issue delivered or all four for $65 PayPal only please Let me know if interested. Chris
Still nothing here! I must live in the sticks......Hmmmm, I guess we'll try again tomorrow. Chris
Ive been looking around and can not find these online...can it be purchased stateside?
Nothing.... I don't understand the USPS. Maybe they need to close everyday not just Sat. We'll try again tomorrow.
Great!! I may see my copy today! Thanks for the info...
Still waiting on issue 8. Has anyone in the US received theirs yet? Just checking...I had a few issues lost in the mail and never received them. Chris
Quote: Originally Posted by gazman70k And just to prove my point further about the Japanese, check this out: thats proper shoe care!!
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