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So the Victoria knot is just what is known around here as the double four in hand? In your picture it does look a little odd, i must say.
I forgot there was a chap here who calls himself Bernoulli. Lunch with one of the other Bernoullis might require something more elaborate than the #1 train. The Tardis, maybe?
Which one? Indulging in a little time travel??
Crusty, you will have a lovely time at Cafe Boulud, but I suppose you know that, or why would you be going there? Happy Birthday :-)
Goodness, I didnt know that was possible, but on reflection, why not? Looks like a good job. If I may pry, was it very expensive?
I, for one, would love to see the outfit that you, AAS, considered too busy. ;-)
So where are you then? South coast someplace? Although contrary to popular belief, there are lovely beaches all over Great Britain.I didnt say warm, I said lovely.
Your location says "London". You must be an awfully fast walker!
Anyone know why there is no longer a link to this forum in the "FAQS AND POPULAR THREADS" column on the "CLASSIC MENSWEAR" page? At least in my house it's gone, anyway.
Both, probably...
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