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Heavens man, you must travel with several steamer trunks! Do you have staff?
AAS, as a non posting lurker, I just want to tell you how much I like your pics. Even I can put on a decent suit and a tie and hopefully look presentable, but (with deference to the nicely suited gentlemen here) it's much more difficult, in my opinion, to mix and match pants, jackets, vests etc., and come up with as something pleasing as you so regularly do. Nicely done.
Certainly understand the "ultimate versatility" aspect, but why so many? Subtly different shades and textures?
Or....http://www.bruichladdich.com/the-whisky/bruichladdichFor people who like Scotch, but dont like peat....if you know what I mean.
I believe in moderation in all things...and that includes restraint.
Lol...I had actually pretty much assumed that your underwear would not be thrifted....a rather creepy notion at best!
^ Sorry....Albert, I mean.
Hal, you look just great. Is everything you are wearing here thrifted?Thanks
Originally Posted by Axelman 17 In the kitchen at Per Se. Suit is Smiths Mohair courtesy of Ercoles. Tie is a silver/grey/blue glen check. Edit: forgive the inconsistent pocket orientation, I guess I tucked one in at some point. Is an invitation to the inner workings of Per Se usual for diners? Or do you enjoy elevated status of some kind? Dinner, I assume, was fabulous?
Thanks for mentioning this Upper. Never heard of it before, but the menu looks great and surprisingly, not outrageously priced. When you say "decent" though, do you mean "not really all that good"?
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