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If I maybe enquire Crusty, dressed as such a silk purse, where does one brunch in a town sadly filled with, well, sow's ears?
Indeed! They should at least let you into the lobby before pitching your ass back onto the sidewalk. Can you get a cocktail at the bar without a res, do you know?
How was that place, AAS? The pics on the website look very nice (as do you, by the way ) Decent food? Tough reservation?
I don't think anyone plays it, it's just for show. All you ever wanted to know, and more......http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/03/arts/music/the-national-music-museum-an-unlikely-eden-in-south-dakota.htmlBut this discussion must be annoying for everyone else....sorry:embar:Back to what you do best, you sartorial supermen!
if you were at a bar in Lincoln Center I can't imagine that the patrons would have been anything less than delighted to hear you cranking up some solo cello piece in the corner. I know I would have dug it I was at the Met the other day and saw the 500 year old King cello. Are you familiar with it?
And who made the cello?Who were you playing with, Coxsakie, and what was on the program? Musicians/music lovers in NYC want to know. From their website it's seems like there was nothing on the calendar today, which ain't right, obviously.
What, indeed? My wife and I live in a Victorian brownstone in NYC and last year we stripped the white paint off the wood in the vestibule (well, more accurately we hired someone to do it...messy job ) and found beautiful quarter sawn oak underneath. (Apologies for keeping this digression going)
I dont quite understand. Why did you buy a suit two sizes too big? Was it just a great price and the knowledge that your tailor could fix it? Because fix it he did. Looks lovely.
Also, note this snippet...."Stompanato was well-known to have been abusive, extremely jealous of Turner and had previously pointed a gun at actor Sean Connery, her co-star in Another Time, Another Place, only to have Connery take the gun from him, beat him and force him from the movie set."Bond, even before he was Bond ;-)
I had thought at first that the forum being referred to was one of the forums here. Glad at least that it wasnt the members here saying such rotten things about DC (and others). I did take a look, and some of the snark can be very entertaining when directed at the pros, as you point out, but it can also be hideously cruel and just plain rude.
New Posts  All Forums: