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[[SPOILER]] The clothes alone look lovely, but my God man, where did you find the boat!! ;-)
We'd all like to see you wear these.......Go on, I dare you ;-)(Apologies for lack of spoiler. I did a search but couldnt find out how)
Delightful indeed Mr. Crust, but a three piece on an 80+ day In NYC? And dancing? I know you're by the water and all, but still, you're gonna be drenched! I guess you have to suffer to look that good ;-)I see they also have an event in August. Better break out the refrigerated underwear!
Yes sometimes, I agree, it does. Oddly, I've heard the plural usage creeping over to this side of the pond in certain instances.And by the way, that last post....the whole thing's great, especially lovely suit.
Oh My! You practically look naked!!In a good way.
As another expatriate, do you mind me suggesting that it might be "are the staff", not "is the staff"? I know, sorry. It's a pet peeve of mine.G.
Hold on, you're going to get married and then go straight back to the office? You must really like your job.......
Hold on, you mean you've got bolts of fabric stashed someplace, so many of them that you've forgotten what they look like? You should be embarrassed. And Andy, that is a lovely suit.
Game, set, match.Well, you know, just one guy's opinion.
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