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Wow! Obviously I'm nothing but a lurker and occasional poster, and unversed in Internet etiquette, but isn't an "administrator" someone who is supposed to mitigate and/or defuse these kinds of disputes? And this is his signature? How is that allowed? That can't be helpful. Did I miss a winky face, or something, indicating that it's all in fun?
So the Victoria knot is just what is known around here as the double four in hand? In your picture it does look a little odd, i must say.
I forgot there was a chap here who calls himself Bernoulli. Lunch with one of the other Bernoullis might require something more elaborate than the #1 train. The Tardis, maybe?
Which one? Indulging in a little time travel??
Crusty, you will have a lovely time at Cafe Boulud, but I suppose you know that, or why would you be going there? Happy Birthday :-)
Goodness, I didnt know that was possible, but on reflection, why not? Looks like a good job. If I may pry, was it very expensive?
I, for one, would love to see the outfit that you, AAS, considered too busy. ;-)
So where are you then? South coast someplace? Although contrary to popular belief, there are lovely beaches all over Great Britain.I didnt say warm, I said lovely.
Your location says "London". You must be an awfully fast walker!
Anyone know why there is no longer a link to this forum in the "FAQS AND POPULAR THREADS" column on the "CLASSIC MENSWEAR" page? At least in my house it's gone, anyway.
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