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Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks How exactly do stacks form? I'm talking about these smaller narrower stacks. I just wear my jeans but they don't really settle into those small stacks. Chronic skinny-shortness syndrome. Quite common on Sufu
Quote: Originally Posted by ligeti Also: Since these are selvage jeans, should I be worried about hemming? I will probably hem them to a 32, so they don't become flood pants. But other than them shrinking shorter, would I have anything to worry about? To reiterate: I'm really new to denim theory, and these are my first raws. Do I sense Google Translate? "Flood pants"?
Quote: Originally Posted by jet CEO of dumb threads? I'd be willing to bet they're unsanforized raw...
Quote: Originally Posted by srendam Can women wear high top sneakers? As long as they have feet, and the shoes fit I assume it to be possible. Wow, this thread has stupid people
Quote: Originally Posted by TheJer I have a pair of Levi 514s and wore them out last night, I woke up this morning and my hands were slightly blue. Obviously its just the indigo rubbing off, but I'm wondering if there is a way I take out the excess dye besides just tossing them in the wash? I just ordered a pair of N&F Slim Guys and I want to avoid having dye on my hands every day with out ruining the fading effects. Can I like cold soak them or...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Just so you know, this is a racial slur. I don't really mind, but some (our overlords) may I think he was referring to Japanese denim, not people as he did mention high contrast, which is generally not used when talking about human beings. I don't think it should be a problem.... ....but why would you mention it?
Can you tell me a good cheap place to buy these from (I'm guessing from China or Singapore?)
Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong in grey or in brown?? 2nd one is brilliant cop it Edit: Toebox looks a tad big though...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jim What other brands of jeans fit like Faconnable? That is, stratght leg, a front rise of 11" and a back rise of 15 1/2 ". Thanks. These Fuck you. jk
Quote: Originally Posted by discostar Hi, Which recommendable Jeans Brands are cheaper in the US than in Europe? Thanks Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff definitely levis of course also, Abercrombie and fitch stuff.
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