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Nordstrom. They have helpful sales people who will get you the right size.
Who do moderators allow spam like this? I've seen 100 posts like this in the past couple months. Some are nothing more than SEO to gain page rank in google.
If you are worried about getting robbed, get a saftey deposit box. Open it in someone elses name if paranoid, like a brother or sister or cousin. Even if the feds come after you, they will need a court order to see what your brother has at the bank and they will have to prove it is yours (not his). A smart person shouldn't have troubles thinking up a story.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 At the outlets. They can be had from $30-$49. OP wants slim RL polos. The $30 ones at TJ MAXX and Marshalls are the big fit. The BETTER RL's sell for more and don't go on sale often. The cheaper ones are always at the discount stores. For example, I saw a featherweight RL polo at Nordstrom for $85 that I liked. I went to Macys to see if they had it on sale. Macy's doesn't even carry it, it is too high...
Be honest with them. They keep track of all purchases and returns with the sticker on the tags. They know exactly how much you have returned in the past.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marbles29 The greatest injustice this forum lays on its member is a cultivation of expensive things while bestridden by expense-less means. I am young and my earning don't yet befit a nice blazer (no indication when they will). That being said, would this be sound rationalization to shell out 1000+ for a the RLBL Navy Anthony Blazer, only 10 percent off full price but with complimentary alterations? 1) It is fine to pay...
On my way to dinner tonight, I stopped by a Sears to see the Lands End polos everyone is talking about. I'll admit, they look like a good polo for $26 minus the 20% off. I was at Nordstrom and saw the new "featherweight" Ralph Lauren polo and they look very NICE. The feel is very soft and light. I will be buying some. Maybe we are all lucky there are so many good brands at every price point. I love Lacoste. But I will buy other brands as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks Is there like a slim fit polo for Lacoste? The normal Lacoste is slim, but the Red Line Lacoste is very slim.
Hugo Boss and Lacoste Red Line are two you might want to look at. The Hugo Boss is slim. The Lacoste Red Line is slimmer and longer.
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