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Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter seriously? iran will send a ship around africa and support it, in order to provide medical assistance to the palestinians, that strikes you as realistic? If Iran wants to send a medical ship, why not? It is not costing us a cent. Perhaps Iran views them as brothers or something?
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter seriously? that is what you are thinking? how far can one person's head go up his ass What is wrong with a hospital ship? How is this harming Israel? By providing help to sick people? Oh, I get it. Israel wants them on their knees begging for whatever they get. Giving them anything makes Israel weaker.
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Iran is gunning to start a regional war. World Wars have been started over less than this. Hopefully this link isn't reliable A convoy without air support is a sitting duck. Just sayin' Who knows how far this could go... Iran trying to help sick people by putting a hospital ship nearby so those in Gaza can see a doctor, and Israel will go apeshit and start bombing people.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Hai Guys, Jimmy the Greek says "what's up?" Guy was awesome on CBS football! I missed hearing him after he retired.
Quote: Originally Posted by j to get support for a new third party There is only one method to introduce a third party that could become mainstream. There must be a conspiracy, to support and fund candidates from as many states possible, as republicans or democrats, and only reveal their true identity once elected, and use those 2 or 6 year terms to further the marketing of the new brand. Imagine if 9 senators and 47 representatives had a...
Count the number of conflicts in the middle east the past 50 years. How many of those conflicts involved Israel? Bad neighbor? How much TAXPAYER money has the USA spent in that region defending Israel? Why? What has Israel done for the USA? Yesterday someone posted a link to wiki about Israel bombing a USA Navy ship. No reaction.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter true, but the main issue is that israel can't compramise, and that no matter how left wing anybody in israel is, they aren't going to compramise on the blockade. international pressure will justt make israel feel more embattled. the south africa of the white's was destroyed, but most of the whites found a way to live. when and if israel is destroyed, everybody dies or is exiled to places that they feel are...
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik Routine things that happen on almost every farm/most commercial farms: - diesel fuel/oil are spilled on the ground - dangerous chemicals aren't kept locked up in a hazmat chest - workers basically using no personal safety equipment - machines operating with certain guards/shielding removed - unpaid overtime - illegals being employed - torrential rain creates overflow of the "lagoons" (a.k.a. shitponds; liquid...
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Seems like it's already hard enough for us to export goods overseas already, but hey, I dunno. *shrug. It will be a Walmart world my friend. The USA can not compete against cheap labor. The nations that benefit from free trade (China) will use that capital to become more competitive.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Yeah let's start a trade war, see how far that gets us. It worked in the 1950's 60's 70's and 80's. Anyone who wanted a job had a good paying job; enough to buy a house and new car every four years.
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