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In the past I used to pick up one or two colds during the winter. Ever since I began taking vitamin D, I've had one cold in 5 years and it was short lived. Guess D3 has been found to help prevent infections. Influenza, Flu Shots, and Vitamin D http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/newsl...itamin-d.shtml
I bought and used to use a $100 plus tooth brush a few years back. Never did me much good. Still got cavities frequently and had poor gum health. Now I just use the free brush given by the dentist. Best cavity prevention method I've found was taking vitamin D3 and eating low carb. Have not had a cavity since I began both ideas. Learned about teeth health being better in those that eat low carb from Dr Eades sight - which makes some sense, less sugar eaten the...
I'm in pretty good shape and drink coffee and tea along with eating dark chocolate. Coffee seems to be alright to drink. Coffee drinking has biochemical benefits for the body http://www.drbriffa.com/2010/03/22/c...-for-the-body/
Been listening to the Beatles often. Finally got their albums loaded to my ipod.
Quote: Originally Posted by virus646 Reread what he said, Obviously if you're not having a min of 6-7 hours of sleep you're gonna have worst results than someone who sleep well. We won't argue that point, we're just saying that calories out vs calories in would solve 90%+ of obesity problems if people were actually measuring at least once what they eat in a usual day. People tend to either overestimate, for some that have problems gaining weight, or...
Quote: Originally Posted by not_a_virus.exe by weight loss, do you mean fat loss? weight loss is also caused by water depletion and absence of food in your system. for 99% of the population, meaning people who don't have some extenuating health disorder, sleep, nutrition, thyroid, etc. only play a role in fat loss if it in some way affects the way you consume calories. in other words, they don't play a role physiologically, but i can see a case...
Quote: Originally Posted by virus646 You guys are looking too much into this, all he's saying is that calories out > calories in WORKS for loosing weight. Obviously he's not talking about a long term diet consisting of twinkies, a multi a whey shake. He's not saying either that you should do that to gain lean mass. He's not bringing something new appart from the strange fact that his good cholesterol went up. That's a good point about his good...
Well, calories count in weight loss. But in addition there are plenty of other studies saying other factors play a part in weight loss also - sleep, nutrition content for some people, thyroid health, feeling of fullness for example. And this is just one guys experience.
If none the over the counter treatments work, maybe this idea is worth a try. My father did it a few years back, and thought it worked well for him. "Bring Back Your Wavy Locks" http://video.foxnews.com/v/4406468/b...ur-wavy-locks/
Saw this good idea of a meaty stew on Dr Briffa's blog. "Solid food found to be more satisfying" http://www.drbriffa.com/2010/11/02/s...re-satisfying/
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