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I've go with the fructose or sugar content of the fruit keeping you hungry. Are you addicted to fructose? http://heartscanblog.blogspot.com/20...-fructose.html For me protein creates the greatest feeling of satiety.
I purchased one of those vitamin D3/tan devices from Dr. Cannell's sight. It is not so much of a tanner as much of a healthy vitamin D3 maker, but it does give some color to the skin I've found with use this winter. http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/
You might ask to have your lipoproteins size and quantity tested. http://heartscanblog.blogspot.com/20...-dipstick.html
Oh, I eat a paleo/low carb meal and feel great for doing so. I read several doctor's blogs, but Dr.Eades has good information on food nutrition. http://www.proteinpower.com/drmike/f...rance-abounds/
Well, don't know if porn hurts a relationship, but laughed when I saw that 3D porn was on the way. You'll be able to be in the middle of the action, I guess. Porn+3D=Big Money for Friendfinder: http://liz.blogs.foxbusiness.com/201...st-on-fox-biz/
I read an article today about Tom Naughton's try at fasting. It wasn't 20 days, but he did well for the length that it lasted. http://www.fathead-movie.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by Monaco Yup, D3 is the trick. You can say Americans are lacking proper D3, you can get it naturally from Sunshine and wild Salmon (about a pound a week is enough, I believe). I haven't been sick since Dec. 2008, no idea why. I used to get sick once a year in the winter time but since then I haven't gotten sick once. I try to make 80% of the food I eat whole and natural and keep my gut flora strong with lots of cultured...
I tend to buy grass fed meats from another state and ship them here, so it can be a bit pricy. But the quality and flavor is fantastic.
I rarely become ill any longer. I take enough vitamin D3 to keep my testing levels between 60 to 70ng/ml and that has been good at keeping me flu free. Higher vitamin D level linked with reduced risk of infection http://www.drbriffa.com/2010/06/28/h...-of-infection/
I take vitamin D3, fish oil, magnesium, turmeric, vitamin K2, krill oil, melatonin, and potassium. I learned how to take these supplements at the correct dosages from several sights, but in particular learned a great deal from this physician's blog. http://heartscanblog.blogspot.com/
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