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I take it, but sometimes wonder why at this point. People that take statin drugs should take CoQ10. But years ago I stopped taking a statin because of side effects. Now I control my cholesterol levels naturally. Out of habit though I still take CoQ10. Statin drugs and Coenzyme Q10
Yeah, I know what you mean, with the possibilities of defaults and inflation, long term bonds don't look attractive. I enjoy some of the suggestions mentioned by the Weiss Group. They have a free newsletter that I read. Of late they have been talked about getting out of bonds into some vehicle that is safer. Todays newsletter about inflation and investing: What Exactly Is the Fed Waiting for Again?
I've been taking melatonin for a number of years. No complaints. My sleep has been great during that time. I take a 3mgs time release tablet. That seems to get me through the night best. Melatonin looks to help with lowering blood pressure slightly also.
Well, the problem could be from many things, but if I was to guess the mention of a heavy Italian dinner brings up wheat pasta. Many have digestive issues with wheat gluten and others parts of wheat grain. You might try eliminating the grain from your diet for a few weeks and see if the problem goes away. Some recent articles that discuss the problems wheat can cause. "New study shows that it’s possible to react to gluten but not have coeliac...
I've read of fish oil helping with depression. Fish oil makes you happy: Psychological distress and omega-3 index The sunshine vitamin, vitamin D3 has been found to help with winter blues. I've read many people mentioning this. Not everyone knows this, but D3 is a pro-hormone and obtaining desirables levels needs to be individualized. Getting vitamin D...
Well, I do my best to only look straight ahead, reach my destination of hanging up the winter jacket, turn around and head toward the work machines. For some strange reason though the male locker rooms weight scale is near the door. And sometimes guys will run naked to the scale and then run to the shower. Few things scarier than opening the door to the locker room, having a big naked dude running right at you. I want to tell them, for the love of god, a towel...
I've go with the fructose or sugar content of the fruit keeping you hungry. Are you addicted to fructose? For me protein creates the greatest feeling of satiety.
I purchased one of those vitamin D3/tan devices from Dr. Cannell's sight. It is not so much of a tanner as much of a healthy vitamin D3 maker, but it does give some color to the skin I've found with use this winter.
You might ask to have your lipoproteins size and quantity tested.
Oh, I eat a paleo/low carb meal and feel great for doing so. I read several doctor's blogs, but Dr.Eades has good information on food nutrition.
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