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Thought this article might be of help in what to look for in fish oil. "Fish oil: What's the difference?"
I agree with others, I'm not sure about the old saying about the mother's father's hair will reflect your hair, or lack of it, will turn out. Working on my family genealogy I noticed that grandfather's hair connection wasn't true for some in my family. You might try looking at vitamin D3 and eating low carb. I've noticed ever since taking D3 that my hair stopped thinning. It hasn't grown back as I wished it would, but at least it has remained in the same condition. ...
I've read of people eating a low carb diet and seeing their acne go away. I've also heard of vitamin D3 helping with the problem. If you look to take D3, liked this article as I believe it explains well how to supplement correctly. Getting vitamin D right
My sister's sister in-law had gastric bypass done, and recall her mentioning that her sister in law is now required to take a multi-vitamin every day.
Saw this good video on great Tigers announcer Ernie Harwell. Opening Day Open Thread
I lift basically because I can now. At one time I was to worn down from a GI issue to have that kind of energy.
Whole wheat bread can raise blood sugar levels higher than a Mars candy bar will. "What increases blood sugar more than wheat?"
Probably what you have is visceral fat. It is considered the more dangerous fat to store. I suppose the good news is if it is visceral this tends to be the easiest fat to loose from what I've read. One doctor likes to call it wheat belly, as many of his patients have lost their pot belly after avoiding wheat. Let go of my love handles An excerpt from the article: Quote: When is fat not just...
It's a great book, written by nutritional researcher Gary Taubes. Believe I read it last month, and enjoyed it. His first book Good Calories/ Bad Calories is difficult to read. It was meant for the professional health care provider. The new book, Why We Get Fat is built off of GCBC, but much easier to understand. The author became somewhat well known after writing this article for the NYT. What if It's All Been a Big Fat...
You might try measuring your blood pressure at different times during the day, and see if the reading is consistent. My blood pressure has gone down since I began lifting, but I also eat low carb, plus take a few supplements thought to help with lowering blood pressure. So can't say which item, or combination, that helped lower mine.
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