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You might try a diet change for a few weeks to see if that helps. My hair went from being somewhat dry to being moist after avoiding wheat. Along with other benefits seen, seems I have a sensitivity to that grain. It isn't on dry hair, but recall this testimonial about someone mentioning their hair stopped falling out once they stopped eating wheat. "You're lucky that your hair is falling out: You'll save money at the beauty...
I'm not a smoker, and never have been, but recall this story by a doctor on how he overcame his smoking addition. "Stopping smoking the easy way"
Something that might be of help, in most states it is possible to order your own medical tests. A couple places offering this service are: I've also ordered home tests and have had success with them. This is where a kit is mailed to your home, and then you mail back a sample of blood or saliva for testing. One place I've bought those from...
Interesting story I thought, about a lady that found her hair stopped falling out after she began eating wheat/gluten free. Thought to share. “You’re lucky that your hair is falling out: You’ll save money at the beauty salon!”
I like doing legs also when away from the gym. You might try adding a few lunges. What I do anymore is practice a slow movement when exercising away from the gym. It's called slow burn. I seem to get better results quicker this way. I learned about slow burn from this article ~ "Fred Hahn’s Slow Burn"
Another low carb writer and author, Dr Eades, recently wrote some tips on how to get through the low energy feeling the fewer carbs diet can give for the first week or two. Hope they help. "Tips & tricks for starting (or restarting) low-carb Pt I" & "Tips & tricks for starting (or restarting) low-carb Pt...
I found the best way to keep my teeth clean was through diet and a few supplements, vitamin D3 and K2. Pretty much what is mentioned in this article is what I ended up doing. Stopped using the electric brush after that, and began using an easier on the teeth manual brush. My gums and teeth have never been healthier. My dentist was surprised at the change. "Reversing Tooth Decay"
Oh, agree, it's no fun getting old. I used to have many aches and pains also, but found relief when eating low carb. As an experiment you might try avoiding wheat for a few weeks to see if you feel better. Have been reading many testimonials of late about others eating gluten free and finding relief from chronic pain.For example recall seeing this: of the article:
You would have to think housing prices depends on the location. But from what I've read it seems that things overall might finally be turning around. Recall this article on Gerri Willis's sight about different economic indicators showing the housing market showing signs of life. I hope that is the case."Housing Bust Over?"Sample from the article:Read more:
Chuckled at Doug Power's comment about this pick from Time."Capitalist Magazine Seeks to Reap Profit By Exploiting ’99%’ With Annual Distinction"
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