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I found the best way to keep my teeth clean was through diet and a few supplements, vitamin D3 and K2. Pretty much what is mentioned in this article is what I ended up doing. Stopped using the electric brush after that, and began using an easier on the teeth manual brush. My gums and teeth have never been healthier. My dentist was surprised at the change. "Reversing Tooth Decay" http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2009/03/reversing-tooth-decay.html
Oh, agree, it's no fun getting old. I used to have many aches and pains also, but found relief when eating low carb. As an experiment you might try avoiding wheat for a few weeks to see if you feel better. Have been reading many testimonials of late about others eating gluten free and finding relief from chronic pain.For example recall seeing this:http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/2011/12/pass-the-little-debbies-snack-cakes/Part of the article:
You would have to think housing prices depends on the location. But from what I've read it seems that things overall might finally be turning around. Recall this article on Gerri Willis's sight about different economic indicators showing the housing market showing signs of life. I hope that is the case."Housing Bust Over?"Sample from the article:Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/on-air/willis-report/blog/2011/12/22/housing-bust-over#ixzz1hrgaKT2c
Chuckled at Doug Power's comment about this pick from Time."Capitalist Magazine Seeks to Reap Profit By Exploiting ’99%’ With Annual Distinction"http://michellemalkin.com/2011/12/14/capitalist-magazine/snippet:
Florida cockroaches! Disgusting big bug that keep showing up in my kitchen. And as I learned last night coming home, they can fly too! Nearly got hit in the head by one. I have my house sprayed for pests, but might need to look into something new to keep these things away.
My heart goes out to her. Awful accident to read about. I can recall as a kid weekend flying with my father and next door neighbor in a small propeller plane. I remember the propeller spinning so quickly, thinking it would be easy to walk into if not paying attention. Read that she is is now able to say a few words and open her right eye. Hope she continues to improve. "Texas Model Has 'Long Road to Recovery' After Walking Into Plane...
You might enjoy watching the movie Fat Head on loosing weight, and overall improving health. "Fat Head is on Hulu!" http://www.fathead-movie.com/index.php/2010/12/03/fat-head-is-on-hulu/
Well, how ever the colon is twisted, as the book says, we all know the end result. "US Media Too Shy to Report First Family Book Purchase of ‘Everyone Poops’?" http://dougpowers.com/2011/11/27/us-media-everyone-poops/
When i was younger pretty much every 4 weeks I had a haircut. Now every 6 to 7 weeks seems to be the norm for getting a trim. The hair seems to be growing as quickly now as in the past, just today I'm not as concerned about having longer hair.
Ah, always enjoyed San Fran. as a kid in the 70s. Sounds like times have changed - but in some cases maybe for the best. I wonder if this was really a big enough problem that a law needed to be passed? "San Francisco Bans Naked Dining Amid Hygiene Fears" http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/11/03/san-francisco-bans-naked-dining-amid-hygiene-fears/?test=latestnews
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