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I personally found best weight lifting result by lifting twice a week splitting the workouts between upper and lower body. On Tuesdays I'll work on lower leg muscles. For Friday's I lift hard on the upper body. For the other days I'll rest ofter than typical sports exercise such as tennis or taking walks. I've put on between 30 to 40lbs of mass over the last couple of years working out this way.Being later fall, winter weather, you might look to test your vitamin D...
I have two cats, adorable, good fun to be around ....and so much easier to take care of than dogs. I like dogs, my sister had a black lab that I would look after often in the past, but they seem to need much more attention.
I've done well remaining thin by avoiding all grains, whole and white. Overall, thought this a nice video on why whole grains can be problematic for ones health. "Wheat Belly on CBS This Morning"
I think the item I noticed the most after school was how quickly time went anymore. It took me a little while getting used to being out on my own. It was chaotic, as before everything had been pretty much planned for the day by teachers. No complaints now, it's good to have greater independence I suppose.
I remember seeing at the US Open that Djokovic was now wearing Uniqlo. He used to wear an Italy brand of tennis cloths that started with a T, but forget its name this morning. Can't say one way or another with wearing Uniqlo. I haven't tried them out before.
I personally have found New Balance to make nice tennis shoes, that hold up well over time. Like most tennis shoes the padding isn't that great, and I replace it with an athletic cushioning from the store. That helps the knees and ankles considerably I feel. For racquets and strings, you might stop by a tennis facility and see about testing out a demo racquet or two. It seems everyone has a favorite brand they enjoy hitting with. I personally hit with a Head racquet,...
I thought researcher Dr. Cordain's has a nice book about diets and acne called The Dietary Cure for Acne. He found some of the more common foods causing pimples were dairy, wheat, nuts, and chocolate if I remember correctly. If that is the case, you might try eating a paleo diet for a short while to see if that helps. Recall this article about that idea:"Got acne? Go primal"excerpt:The rest of the article is at:
I haven't been reading much about the gathering, but saw the latest paleo diet conference held this year at Harvard University just ended. "The LLVLC Show (Episode 598): Recollections On #AHS12 Paleo Conference At Harvard" & "Ancestral Health Symposium 2012...
I wondered why when i was watch an Olympic event, sometimes there would be few people in the stands. Now I know why. Seems screwed up. "Gold Medal Central Planning"
Recall this article about nutrition and a persons height from a historical perspective. It highlights the diet of different cultures, at different times in history, and what their average height was. Thought it might be helpful. "The Connection Between Height and Health"
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