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Quote: Originally Posted by TheCordialChurchman It just took my husband - who has quite a bit of experience - about 15 minutes and quite a bit of frustration to get it on. I didn't even buy the fabric to make a bow tie, I was making a custom patch-tweed scarf and thought I'd try it with my leftover fabric. I to make 2 other wool houndstooth patterns that are made with lightweight wool and they tie up fine. So I think if you find the right fabric,...
Surely its just a knot so the material, cotton, silk, cashmere, tweed would'nt come into it? My Harris Tweed Tie is pure tweed, so surely a bow tie would follow the same principle? I'm looking for a houndstooth pattern, it did occur to me if their is'nt one readily available i can buy a patch of specific tweed from Harris Tweed direct.
Does any one know where i can aquire a Tweed self-tie Bow Tie? Preferably of the Harris style.
I just bought this one, Harris Tweed have quite a good selection of tweed ties, however they have yet to branch out into bow ties.
There are a couple of lovely Harris Tweeds on VT at the moment but they both have leather arm patches Could these be removed without damaging the jackets? Also just spotted this chap probably in his first HT :-)
I'd have to second 'Vintage Whistles' for a good variety of Harris Tweed jackets, also Ebay can have a good selection of Harris Tweed jackets for semi-reasonable prices. Having said that, two i have been watching on ebay are now bidding well over £100, so i guess the Tweed is back! Would also have to agree with the comments that the currently produced Harris Tweed range is pretty dire and lacking much colour and pattern. The classic stuff is great and getting quite ...
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