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Oh dear.....where can i find a gentleman's forum.....I'm quite sure that's not right.
A recent purchase, a pair of Bladen wool trousers with buttons for traditional braces. At the rear where the back brace attaches there is what looks like a cotton hook......what is that for?
Ok so the shirt is here, came last week but I just didn't have time to mention it. It is fine, the fit is very nice according to my wife but i think i would have preferred an extra inch on the shoulders. Will post a photo or two when I get round to it...
Quick update the shirt will be shipped on the 22nd November. Seems a bit slow....
Occasionally I get to attend a black tie event and a tux is the 'raison d'être' but still i've wanted to wear my DM's and i think these little beauties fit the bill perfectly-
Are 'spear point' collars the same thing as 'French' collars???
Errr, same here just placed an order for one shirt with the same company http://www.itailor.com/ Like you, i'll be posting back feedback here on the results. The list price is £17.99 but by the time they add tax and P+P it was more like £24 but hey that still seems pretty good for a bespoke shirt if it works out ok. Loads of options too. I've been trying to get a spear point shirt for a while with out having to part with extreme amounts of money so I think the French...
Funny to realise that Dr Martens are actually 50 years old now since the first pair came off the factory on 1st April 1960 (hence the name 1460!). Given how many are made and how many shops we see them in I think they've become a part of our national heritage! To my shame i currently own 7 pairs of DM's. One for each day of the week? Regarding quality the MIE or MIC or MIT or where ever they make em now is not so important as what leather is used. Kappa, Quillon...
My hat to you sir :-)
The bow ties are a little beefier than a standard bow tie but in truth took no longer to tie, i like them both actually, they match up nicely to my little collection of HT jackets, i'm really quite taken with the Hounds Tooth one though, and as for the HT patch scarf.......whow a thing of beauty to behold :-)
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