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Quote: Originally Posted by delakingois The site has tons of stuff at like 40% off, SS, CP, Dries, etc. It's Portuguese though, so customs might be a problem for you Americans. Thanks a lot for the heads up! Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol canon powershot s95 Thats a very nice camera. Good decision.
Does the Achilles Vintage sole have the same length and width measurements as the classical one? I read it fits slimmer somewhere. Does anyone own both and can compare?
Can you give measurements on the boots?
Quote: Originally Posted by husbands great taste!
Quote: Originally Posted by West Indian Archie NPS shoes Ltd Thanks. Compared to what they show on their page these look really good
Does anyone know the maker of those?
Does ASOS use the same soles as CP? And are they stitched to the shoe as well?
Quote: Originally Posted by dls6128 Who makes the bag?
Guys, guys, calm down. I am 7' 8" / 580 pounds and would fuck all of you up in real live. The hypocrisy on this board never fails to amaze me. If someone opens a new thread with a short question, he gets burned to hell, but people keep shitting up existing threads with absolutely unrelated discussions. Lane, even if you don't spend 1k, you could find better shoes/boots (others have posted suggestions). bows, size up on the shirt. autobot, looks good. And yes, hem the...
Nil, the tuck would look better if you didn't tie the boots all the way up and the shirt looks to clean/formal compared to the rest. morgan, that jacket is great! A sleeker (maybe wool) tie would blend in better! Poomba, size down on the jacket. SPK, looks good! Although I don't know if I like the gum soles there. slack, the shoes do not fit in there at all and the beanie makes you look like a dwarf. kgmessier, pic is bad, but you could probably size up with...
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