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DBSS If those are fake, its a good one. Edit: One customer calls them authentic.
Uncontrol, are you wearing 3 layers or is the top cut that way? Looks like a bra. The whole fit would be cleaner without it. Sneaks and bag are great, however.
Quote: Originally Posted by tween_spirit Not gonna lie I've been tempted to pick up these just for the hell of it to skate in, since I think they would look crazy in that situation. Agree. They would make sick skating shoes. Looks like they use the original soles as well. If you get them post fit pics/report on the quality!
Can anyone tell me if the last of an alden shoe is encoded in the imprinted number? And if so, how? Thanks alot.
If you are looking for a tote, caliroots has the CP all leather tote on sale I would like to see how this backpack/tote combi looks worn as a backpack.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 these people may be in: Dude, its totally different if you don't buy SW&D stuff for a month...
I don´t know about the leather. I wasn´t totally serious about it, though. However, another nice find:
Does anyone know if the vintage highs are still available anywhere in a 40/41?
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