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Oh and youalldidthis2 for today
Erik Schedin
Quote: Originally Posted by chroMe Some of those nc pieces on us sites are atrociously priced. Recent prices here: cm's are going for a little over 500gpb and everest's just over 800gpb. Cheapest ever CM I've seen was at a designer sale in truman brewery for 300 in November. still wanting this lightweight CM: another trip to the continent, this time destination amsterdamage In sz 50 ?
Someone get those : NeilBarretts
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 (no, no fit pics)
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Great purchases. Where did you get the ervell from? You should post a fit pic soon !
Is the Ervell pocket sweater (blue) still available somewhere?
Quote: Originally Posted by delakingois The site has tons of stuff at like 40% off, SS, CP, Dries, etc. It's Portuguese though, so customs might be a problem for you Americans. Thanks a lot for the heads up! Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol canon powershot s95 Thats a very nice camera. Good decision.
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