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I hate when people enter threads just to cry about how good they have been, could be, etc. Crying about it wont change that. Its also not the "post pics of girls you like thread", so ter1413 gtfo.The funny thing is, that this thread attracted the "pervs" from the beginning, yet you act as if it is some phenomenon of the last few pages. When people first became butthurt about these comments, I checked the first pages and lo and behold, [[SPOILER]] and so on. If you want to...
From Rotterdam, Z E M
another talent from antwerp, angelo van mol
I like the tee there. The jacket doesnt work with it though. Would rather loose the jacket.
Zeemon, those rafs are dope!
Very interesting, nomadic lifestyle inspired designs from the danish label Uncommon Creatures
Are you trolling?
lung cancer awareness page.
Lim leather is not the best, but not as bad as it looks on some of those shots. The black looks rubberized, which is an interesting look on a moto imo.
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