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Crosspost from the Y&H thread, UEG synthetic paper cases
Dont know if someone has posted this yet.There is an xs helmut in this thread
This thread is a place to post well designed accessories which can add to a streetwear look or make a difference to the usually seen menswear accessories advertised in the MC forum. It is mainly inspired from the watch monotony in the corresponding threads, but will contain any kind of accessory, bags, jewelry, smartphones, gadgets, etc etc. I know there are dedicated threads for some of these, but this thread is specifically for pieces which do not fit into the ordinary...
...but it inspires people to work out ...
^You might want to message him via facebook (linked if you klick on the name). He did a collaboration with globetrotter and the pieces are available over their website. From the gym to the Atelier with Mohsin Ali
^dude, that is the worst possible way you could wear that shirt and so far from style I dont even...
From Pakistan with a fantastic aw12 collection, Mohsin Ali
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