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I would contact him. I bet most of these guys are proud and super helpful if you tell them that you like their stuff. MOre color, this time from barcelona Selim de Somavilla
...really? That flower/leather bomber for one is amazing, Would wear the fuck out of it.
Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cottons doing color right, (also, good choice in models, footwear...not so much ) Agi&Sam
^thanks. Next, from germany an ex ploier intern, Tim Labenda
ts, some people never learn to post fits with their lifestyle bs.
the last few fits are boring.
From Z├╝rich, Switzerland, presenting his 3rd SS collection ( worked for Stephan Schneider before), laend phuengkit
^^I guess not. Your best bet would be to mail him. From Berlin founded 2008, SoPopular
Another new talent from the 2011 london class, with an extremely impressive first collection Takuya Imagawa
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