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...but it inspires people to work out ...
^You might want to message him via facebook (linked if you klick on the name). He did a collaboration with globetrotter and the pieces are available over their website. From the gym to the Atelier with Mohsin Ali
^dude, that is the worst possible way you could wear that shirt and so far from style I dont even...
From Pakistan with a fantastic aw12 collection, Mohsin Ali
Although he has 11 years experience in managing, styling and designing, he only recently graduated from london and his first two collections look very promising to say the least, Manish Bansal
Nobody decided to drop in and ruin anything. This thread always attracted this kind of idiots, be it regulars or not. SeeIn essence, its like complaining that people post horrible, (boy next door) fits in WAYWT. You wanna regulate that by having an SF regular approved member thread and one for fits you dont like? Or moving the thread to another forum? Thats not solving the problem.I appreciate that you like the other thread, maybe we differ in tastes here. But I like the...
New Posts  All Forums: