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Founded 2009 in LOndon by Ben Vorono and Samuel Kientsch, BRAILLE ss 12 and from their debut
brad, I think you could add color without looking tacky. Meaning small spots of solid color, like one red glove for example. Or larger pieces of really deep colors (think deep purple). The toj is fantastic btw.
UWares are really well designed, a 250 will be at my wrist soon. I like those margielas except for the soles. And why don't you let a tailor take in your jeans?
Nice and relaxed design, plus everything is handmade in germany. From munich, A Kind of Guise
One could say thats the recipe for success: Find out what you are good at, do it, repeat. Changes will keep things interesting of course, but I don't like it if collections seem totally unrelated (see britten) . Or, let me put it differently, it is much harder to keep doing vast changes and do it good.
Apart from the whining one just has to deal with in SD nowadays, this thread is interesting and the OP is well thought out and well written critic.sq, does the LA store critic only concern barneys or would you say that people in LA are less aware of designers and fashion in general ?btw, this is pretty ironic,
thread is pretty random, but has awesome posts. Would love to see more architecture from smashwindow.
oh the irony
You should look into nomos glashütte. Very high quality and a similar aesthetic.
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