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From Pakistan with a fantastic aw12 collection, Mohsin Ali
Although he has 11 years experience in managing, styling and designing, he only recently graduated from london and his first two collections look very promising to say the least, Manish Bansal
Nobody decided to drop in and ruin anything. This thread always attracted this kind of idiots, be it regulars or not. SeeIn essence, its like complaining that people post horrible, (boy next door) fits in WAYWT. You wanna regulate that by having an SF regular approved member thread and one for fits you dont like? Or moving the thread to another forum? Thats not solving the problem.I appreciate that you like the other thread, maybe we differ in tastes here. But I like the...
From Istanbul, UMIT BENAN SS13
Consistently good british menswear from London, James Long
it depends. The tops are short, yes. And MC would rip you apart for a blazer fitting like this But his models aren t exactly dwarfs, so if you can relate to the fits you see on the runway, go for it.
That Lanvin polar bear suit is some next lvl shit. Couldn't you have asked the museum attendant to stay out of the picture though?
yep, great blog! She knows her shit.
I thought about tumblr, and maybe I will eventually do one, but there are a lot of blogs on designers and their work already and i think this thread fills a niche on SF where people (well some) actually care about the designs instead of just getting off to a wall of aesthetic pictures. So I feel this belongs here more than it does to the tumblrsphere. CHRISTOPHER ESBER australian womenswear designer so far, has recently shown what he could do if he switched to menswear....
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