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Another one from germany, very high on my list J'ai mal à la tête The Bomber and the parka above are currently on sale on their webshop.
how do they fit? I am a 41 in achilles. would the 42 fit me?
Our Legacy ss13 bonus: Raf&Valentino
This thread rocks! I love that Attachment pieces can be worked into very different wardrobes.
pima cotton. In some collections he adds silk.
^ Unfortunatly not. I bet he will help you out though, if you shoot him a mail....and for looking that way.
German is way harder than swedish/norwegian/danish (finish is on another level). But for germans scandinavian languages are easy to learn, because many words are similar and the grammar is straightforward. They are related too, which doesn t mean that they sound similar.
Henrique Oliveira
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