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Americans are definitly very sensitive regarding racism against blacks. Which sometimes crosses the line into positive (reverse) racism, see black history month or leads to absurd situations like the following article These morons probably would nt even consider their black faces as racist and it is a thin line to be honest. Dressing as "blacks" as such may be racist (especially in this context ), but dressing as a black individual (like the kid above) can not...
Don t like the sole on the OL van slippers. With the other styles however they will hit gold. All white ones are very nice.
I think you answered your question pretty much yourself. If its not your style (in which case you wouldn't have asked the question to begin with), such a piece is really hard to work into any wardrobe. Also, never ever buy anything just because the price seems good! Ask yourself if you would buy that shirt in the same style for 10$ in the mall. Would that shirt make you stop and say "damn, nice design. I would love to get my hands on a higher quality version of this"?...
^ Thanks. Porte Monnaie Wallets
phillie, the leather in the last post are Francois Leon. He makes incredible jackets. These are Anna smit,
Sorry, thats a sourceless blogosphere snippet.
^ didn't know that. I find it more remarkable that he had a career at Deutsche Bank, which he just quit in order to become a designer.
both will look great on you. Get them both
Soulland make a nice pair.
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