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^ Thanks. Porte Monnaie Wallets
phillie, the leather in the last post are Francois Leon. He makes incredible jackets. These are Anna smit,
Sorry, thats a sourceless blogosphere snippet.
^ didn't know that. I find it more remarkable that he had a career at Deutsche Bank, which he just quit in order to become a designer.
^^ http://goodhoodstore.com/?page=51&id=4391
both will look great on you. Get them both
Soulland make a nice pair.
Another one from germany, very high on my list J'ai mal à la tête The Bomber and the parka above are currently on sale on their webshop.
how do they fit? I am a 41 in achilles. would the 42 fit me?
Our Legacy ss13 bonus: Raf&Valentino
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