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lol @shah, trying to break the tipping streak. You shall have my 2 cents (see what I did there ? See it?)Unless the designed object develops some objectively comprehensible different meaning, I would say: yes, the maker has that right. Dumb example: some 19th century drawing of a politician with his slaves could have been originally meant to display some qualities of said politician, but would be interpreted in a much broader context today. [[SPOILER]] Thats one way to...
fukn zalando sells ervell?
AnnD owners, if I am a 41 in GATs, what would I need in dirty suede Annchucks?
I don't get why you guys didn't just skip the tip and than split the bill? Tipping is optional and it would have saved you the same amount of $$ w/o the social awkwardness.
looks so much better without beanie, spope. cyc, you are doing that kid with the blanket?
Peir is harvesting my clicks. When will ahe finally open that online store ?
^Those 10seis are good!
amazing stuff on the last few pages! Those boots were a steal, bene. How do they compare quality wise?
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