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stampd. Stumbled over their site some time ago and bookmarked that bomber. http://www.stampdla.com/shop/ also like this han k trench strong peir vibe!
I really like that elaborate scheme to regularly get stitchy interested in this thread and having him eventually turn to buy a pair of SWD boots. And everyone is playing his role so convincing!read that as jet while skimming. Would have been genius to first tell off that other guy and then fueling that whole thing again!
what sinned is missing the most is any intuition for combining these pieces. Its an incongruent mixture of a bunch of SF approved items. If you were new I would advice to lurk more. mitchels fit is really nice!
this thread is great. I would love to see more
this is 20 years old: http://www.karlsims.com/evolved-virtual-creatures.html
Random Shit Thread....oh wait
bhaiz fit looks great. No need to be cleaner
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