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that stitches fit is superb! Shoutout is nice and gets extra points for best backdrop. btw, I have that really itchy penis eczema which keeps getting worse for a while. Its kind of disgusting. You all don't mind if I post some pics here?
I am sorry, but that is not a Helmut bomber.
blastoise, I like this! Kunks latest fits look better than everything you ever posted.
the gray looks great there!
Nice pics, eton (a few pages back)! The seasonal mmoria discussion is always amusing.
she needs her own SF account.
thanks. Still looking for a good ma-1.
there is really not. Everyone who does not think you are a troll believes you are a sad person in a terrible situation. But not because you are sick, but because you seem to have completely accepted your situation and thrive on the pity of others. Its a very sad way to look for attention.Nobody will like you more because of your constant reminders that you have it so bad. It doesn't help that you spam up threads with repetitive mumblings and the same fits.
Parker, how is the sandro ma-1? Looks reasonably unpuffy.
New Posts  All Forums: