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I don't get why people are shitting on SZ. If you have any incentive to post there, you probably read some threads first and decided you might fit in.
Thanks for the new banner!
looks like fungus.
How warm is the sage?
Can you please take this shit to the random forum & pullup discussion?
you look pretty excited.
amazing, the3rd! You should look into kuboraum glasses. nn fit is great as usual!
minimal moderation is not the issue.Could well be. I did not come here for that.
on their page.
B&S is a train wreck because you guys are desperate not to take away any of the appeal it has for the real market on the CM side (e.g. no filter or actual classification system, because some CMers enjoy to browse through all the threads so they can "discover" the 254th Hermes tie), which is totally ok, because thats where the money lies, but it gave grailed its niche. I don't think thumb comments made SWD any better. What would really help you generate more revenue on...
New Posts  All Forums: