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IMO the socks are not worth it. Also I'm a size 12 so they don't fit.
you might need to do some adjustments with some pliers, depending on where the issue is. I tihnk the clamps are generally shaped at an angle at the pivots which provides the resistance necessary
Two Kamakura shirts - white has been washed once to test shrinkage, and the blue is brand new. Unfortunately they are slightly short in the sleeves as I am 6'2". Size 16/35. At $70 per shirt shipped or $130 shipped for both - this will be a good deal for those in Australia to take off my hands as I offer free postage within, and you save about $15 per shirt but hit me up with an offer since they don't fit me anyway.
Nigel Cabourn Cameraman Jacket in classic Navy - This is the 2011 with the anniversary edition harris tweed lower half and mackintosh upper half. Retailed for around $1500. This colorway rarely makes it to sale. Condition is very good, worn very infrequently because Sydney weather gets to a low of about 40 degrees at its worst. $850 CONUS shipping and discount shipping to Australia. For other locations please enquire for quote.
welcum trunk club!
Nothing wrong to talk about money - just depends on the appropriateness of context.At home I would openly talk about money as I believe financial education is important. The value of money is not taught in schools and should really be understood.
might be keen too. How much does Vass usually run for?
Wow mate great fit. Definitely agree with the roomy upper arm - I think it's quite integral to that A2 look. It's not meant to be super schnug.
Yeah stay away from this hysteria - the craze will kill you.I am looking at this small mobile company in Australia that recently made a deal with Sprint in the US:What do you guys think of the business prospects? It's called Mobile Embrace (ASX:MBE) and It actually makes money.http://www.asx.com.au/asx/research/companyInfo.do?by=asxCode&asxCode=MBEThere is also an Australian version of Square - a start-up called Mint Wireless (ASX:...
Wow. I have wiped all my gains for the year in the last month. How depressing.
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