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they're around $900! does anyone know who manufacturers these in England? Huntsman?
heres something for the kingsman collection:
ended up getting the last Kingsman Tux in 42L and 36 pants from Mr Porter! Says it fits small but I hope I didn't size up too much (usually wear 42R in RLBL but I need to lengthen the sleeves). If it doesn't fit, then it'll likely be back on porter! Anyone have thoughts on quality of the kingsman suits/tuxes at 50%-60% off?
Just ordered these Santoni penny loafers from Mr. Porter. The Mr Porter website claims that they are goodyear welted but on the Santoni website there is a pair of penny loafers that described as blake rapid. I haven't been home to see them yet though does anyone have views on: - what construction method are used? - the quality of the "Fatte A Mano" (orange insole) line in terms of leather quality (burnishing and ageing) - Quality of construction?
need some moar sales guys. 50% off LVC on stylecreep
LOL so true. I remember all the jokes about him "needing help"
Yay!!! I hope someone does buy it. such a nice suit.
RLBL grey sharkskin suit in size 42R. Worn around 3 times but in EXCELLENT condition. Original pant hem is intact (can be let down or taken up further if required) Pants are size 35 (drop 7) but have taken them in about 1" in the waist but can be let out or taken in accordingly. Pants have side pull tabs which looks super awesome. RRP of $1895, paid $1290 for it. Still being sold...
These are how Evisu 2000 fits on me, anything close to that fit? How would you describe the fit? slim? Relaxed? it has a moderate taper which I like.
I'm looking for a pair of jeans that will work well being dressed up i.e. with a shirt to a bar, but still want something high quality, preferably selvage and japanese denim, and plain pockets and sick fading. Should be somewhat tapered, but enough room in the thighs for comfort without a vintage cut. I can't wear brands like SLP or DH or even APC new standards because the thighs are too slim, and if i size up, the waist is too big. Evisu 2000 fit me perfectly though.
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