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quartz is beautiful. for the ladies I think it's a highly viable choice.
Wow Cyc, that looks fucking cool. great choice for a watch.
nice jacket there cox! i think with a bit of work they will look great. How much are sartore jackets if you don't mind me asking? I work really close to there so might check it out. Romp, I am trying to budget so that I can visit you guys hopefully before summer for some linen. Great to see that mens fashion in Australia is really picking up. Although theres some ways to go, it feels like its the start of a renaissance period when compared to 5 years ago!
SCTY has the benefit of Elon Musk, but I am about to pick up some SPWR for their innovation in this space. Just took a nibble on AMZN too. both have strong long term potential.
i found the updated make to be higher quality - got one for sale in sig but they're definitely slimmer.
might be a good time for my to load up SPWR at the 200 day M.A
wow that looks good - how about a linen blend, something that's appropriate for a formal business environment for summer? anyone else here with experience in linen suits they'd like to share?
Hey Romp - wondering do you guys do linen suits?
thinking about getting into SPWR for long term solar energy exposure. These guys seem to be innovators in their space. Thoughts?
that grey is too dark?
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