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probably just a regular ol cum stain.
How's the quality of ETQs? looking at the runners
I know you need help but I thought it was against the rules to ask for codes?
Hey bro thanks, they are Carmina Cognac shell on the Detroit last!
She's a bloody keeper there no frills!!!
Hey circumcision, do you find the width or the length of the Uetam requiring you to size up? For me, I actually size down 0.5 from my Simpson last. i.e. I wear UK9.5 in simpson but UK9 in Uetam
You guys missed the joke lol..
PRTA!!!!! Bought in last week and sold out at pretty much the top.... 45% in 2 days!!!!! Did you all get in? In other news, my Nike has been up like 60% and just broke $100!!!!!! More to come. Enjoy the ride noobz.
The loafers in Simpson are UK9.5, and the Uetam loafer is UK9. I wear Inca in UK9, so I only sized up because I was told the simpson last runs small/narrow. With a tongue pad the UK9.5 ones fit fine.
My Carmina Review of two pairs of loafers! Copped two pairs of loafers recently: 1. Dark Brown Suede Penny Loafers - Simpson Last My first reactions upon receiving them were that they were very dark! The suede was amazingly soft and supple. The lining was brown and very grainy, almost like dear skin. The simpson last is extremely formal, and coupled with the high vamp on this loafer makes it super sharp with suits. Of course Carmina's finish is impeccable, with the...
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