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I'm not holding my breath. Hence selling Carmina's instead.
anyways @LonerMatt, what you're essentially saying is, "Instead of following your passion, follow something that you don't mind doing, and something that you can enjoy getting better at... and consider the financial incentives too".And what @Petepan is saying is "I love my job, and I'm extremely passionate about it, and it happens to pay well, and its intellectually rewarding, so following your passion, can actually be a pretty damn good payoff"Good on you guys for sharing...
also the stock market is not necessarily a zero sum game. If investor A buys stock for $20 then sells it to Investor B at $40, who then sells it to investor C at $80 who holds to the current price of $100. Noone has lost money - and each investor has made a profit. This is likely to reflect the strong performance of the underlying business to deliver value and increase sales/profits etc. Trading derivatives on the other hand is different. No benefit to society?...
The problem with EMH is that if everyone believed EMH was completely true and perfect, and thus no incentive to beat the market, then EMH falls apart.
OMG Martin place. Snipers all around.So scared They just arrested a man with a handgun near the area.Bomb scares everywhere.Not sure if any of the rumours are true but frightening.All our offices are in lock down.Can't even get lunch. Have to eat vegemite and peanut butter in the kitchen. All the bread ran out too.
I just wear a linen shirt and a linen suit and cycle to work. This works well especially when you finish off downhill and the breeze really keeps you cool. The biggest downside is the crotch wear, so I have them reinforced.
Great photos there henry!
I've decided to sell the carmina forest suedes... in my sig
hey guys, I have decided to sell my suede Carminas. If any aussies are keen I'll have them shipped out for free. http://www.styleforum.net/t/443867/carmina-snuff-suede-semi-brogues-uk9
A pair of Snuff Suede Semi Brogues. They're a tad on the small size for me, and I've worn them twice, and have toe taps installed on them. Amazing shoes, and Carmina's suede are extremely buttery soft. Free shipping within Australia!
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