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Thanks Prince of Parsley, it seems like the logical choice. Either that or start wearing some MJ Bale Elephant Embroided Ties for 70% off.Anyone have any luck remove stains (grease and or bodily fluids)?
I've had the worst luck in the past two weeks. Bought two new ties, a ralph lauren purple label and a green printed Drake's tie. last week somehow i spilt coffee on the RLPL tie and had to take it to the dry cleaners. She was never the same again... Today -I spilt some ramen soup and tried to dab it with light soap and water and now some of the color has faded but the soup is still there. My beautiful new drake's tie. Dammit! Have you guys ever had any luck removing...
What do you guys think of a submariner 2007 alumn bezel date 16610 for $7,400 from Nicholas Hacko and then another $700 from a GST refund? Is that a fair price?
Yeah you're right I think this forum is predominantly young to middle age males, with above average income and even split of hetero/homosexuals. great demographic to be targeting from an advertising perspective.
Those capelli ties look great! I think I need to add some geometric prints now instead of flowers
E.G. Capelli Navy Grenadine - 80 USD Ralph Lauren Green - 25 USD Both in great condition, worn maybe 10 times. Shipping to Australia will be about $10, but will ship internationally - ask for a quote.
I prefer to pay more for a harrington jacket. last year i bought some ugly ass GATs and this year gonna wear it with an daggy ass harrington.
just bought myself a navy baracuta G9 in navy from the denim bar. are these things even cool? are they even made in england?
Bought these about 2 years back but finding less and less casual days to wear these and haven't touched them in about a year. Treated well, reasonably light heel wear, and toe taps installed. Shoe trees have been used for these shoes. http://www.complex.com/style/2011/07/mark-mcnairy-x-engineered-garments-longwings Looking for a new home for these sturdy shoes. Open to offers.
New Posts  All Forums: