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its good bro
Loro Piana
hey Gerry - how do you size on Simpson compared to say Carmina?I wear:UK9 IncaUK9 C&J 348US10 Alden Barrie & HamptonInca fits the best, as my heels are probably on the narrow side.Was thinking of Carmina Simpson in UK9.5 but not sure if 9 would be better. Thanks!
Bro fred perry is super premium. its like buying a pair of GATs, you can get a pair of real army surplus for a fraction of the price but the peace of mind from wearing $500 GATs is well worth it. Same applies to the cardigun.
not many good PSAs lately i wish i had some to share
wow they look like sick cunt!
lol wow you have very little humility
flush looks great, but I can't justify that price! I pay only $15 for nailed in ones that have held up well for over 3-4 years at least
its OK infdl.long term man. keep holding tight.
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