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very nice!
fuck it lets just shut down this piece of shit thread now!!!!
what do you guys think of doing a masters of finance at INSEAD rather than an MBA if my company would pay for it?
they honoured mine, 3 RL black label suits just shipped. and 2 purple label ties yet to ship.
it seems like overall this is good in the long term it is indicative of a sustained US recovery....
Hey Frank - no I didn't I'm yet to find the perfect rolex that really speaks to me. You have a couple of tudors that you picked up recently right? I'm growing quite fond of Tudors, however everytime I see a vintage daytona i just feel like that's my grail watch!
Looking good is a legit reason. Feeling good is even better! I feel good naked so sometimes I just go with that.
health problems are just an excuse to enable yourself to splurge on shoes. Walking on fairly flat shoes that are firm will be fine for most people. In fact some barefoot walking will probably do most people good!
I hope my suits ship. If not, then better luck next time. I love your prudent approach to inventory management RRL Clothing.
I hope my damn order schipps
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