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anyone know what these are and where to get these?
who makes these in this ad??
what colour is this??
Last two are awesome
is that the forest last? It makes feet look small for some reason - i had a pair too!
WEll done pavlova! Craftsman boots are great, and extremely versatile. I would recommend you get some of their leather conditioner and apply it liberally all over to prevent premature cracking of the leather near the toe box. Enjoy.
Sorry bro perhaps you next level.
I'm a UK9 in INCA, do i size up to 9.5 for SIMPSON?
LonerMatt, no disrespect, but to give you a heads up i think you need to spend more time in SW&D before you start judging Rick Owens and Ann D being comparable to chucks. They are clearly not and I hope you don't make the mistake of buying some Diet Butcher Slim Skins and pairing them with some Levis 501 or something like that... its gonna be terrible!!!!!!
would love to see this too
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