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you belong on the set of Mad Men! looks good.
thats nice frank!
^ True, the typical saying goes "Sell in October, fire your broker"
panerai is not the most perfect dial layout.. but Foo, you should definitely get the Cartier, I think it would compliment you're style very well!
wow my SPWR is down 30%!!!
it's pretty damn funny that some style forum pros "discovered" Passaggio Cravatte's "bespoke vintage" praising and recommending them to the forum, only to be uncovered as not only a fraud but a scammer too!for me, i've decided to abandon all the faux sartorial bullshit and going to the ivy instead to step in a pool of piss in the toilets next friday night. see you all there
WOW! my entire portfolio got 5.5% wiped off it today. How do i handle this?
'Papa's got a brand new bag.
it's all bullshit mate, and its just a tee shirt. they are disposable.
xdawes... You can wear the wesrbournes with jeans, but they're not ideal. But then neither are those Bradford's. When I was in my final two years of college, i used to try to find "cross-over" items between business and casual. None of those items exist in my business wardrobe anymore because there are ALWAYS better full formal options than the "in-betweeners". Buy yourself a proper pair of dress shoes such as the westbournes, and save them for your formal functions,...
New Posts  All Forums: