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PRTA!!!!! Bought in last week and sold out at pretty much the top.... 45% in 2 days!!!!! Did you all get in? In other news, my Nike has been up like 60% and just broke $100!!!!!! More to come. Enjoy the ride noobz.
The loafers in Simpson are UK9.5, and the Uetam loafer is UK9. I wear Inca in UK9, so I only sized up because I was told the simpson last runs small/narrow. With a tongue pad the UK9.5 ones fit fine.
My Carmina Review of two pairs of loafers! Copped two pairs of loafers recently: 1. Dark Brown Suede Penny Loafers - Simpson Last My first reactions upon receiving them were that they were very dark! The suede was amazingly soft and supple. The lining was brown and very grainy, almost like dear skin. The simpson last is extremely formal, and coupled with the high vamp on this loafer makes it super sharp with suits. Of course Carmina's finish is impeccable, with the...
Anyone know where I can go to get metal toe taps put on? Many thanks
they started making double monks on Uetam as well
Obviously because carmina is more beautiful bro. can't you tell by the smooth leather sole when new? The amazingly soft purple lining? The fine work on the sole edge and waist? Its amazing bro.
anyone know of a good cobbler that I can get toe taps installed? and replacement heels? and goodyear welted resoles??
Bought these Carmina loafers but they are a tad too big for my feet. Wore it once and decided it just didn't fit right. These are a beautiful shade of dark brown, and the simpson last is so elegant on a loafer. These come with toe taps installed. Free shipping or meet up in Singapore. Quote for worldwide shipping.
so loafers generally loosen up over time? Am i doomed with the pair I had in my video?!
anyone here have experienec with loafers?
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