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Bad luck there Master-class, noone could've seen that coming. My buys at 102 and 114 have turned out to be pretty damn sweet. Not to be greedy but I definitely saw upside to the buy-out price, but I cannot be greedy...
AAPL is my largest position. Still buying at these prices. Inevitably replacement cycles will shorten, but I think price has been an overreaction. Cheap Chinese phones still don't compare to AAPL.
looks like a stitching hole. If you can return it and get a replacement pair for the same price, i would do that, otherwise I think its OK to keep for an $80 saving! just put some wax in there and conditioner, and polish it off
I haven't bought a pair of Alden since 2012 (esp since the USD has strengthened a lot since then), but every time i put them on i feel like a million bucks ha!
i think theres place for alden in every wardrobe. They're amazing
wow i wonder how many people would kick drew's ass if they ever met him in real life?
Was thinking similarly, that if i do opt for the BLNR I should wait. It's really not worth paying an extra 1.5k to have it now vs. potentially up to a year later. It really makes more sense to be patient. I'm just itching to get one hahaha:DThanks for the heads up - great prices there! but unfortunately i'm outside of the US. I think given the price differential it makes more sense to buy new - anyone share that view?lol if you lived on the equator you'll have no problems...
Guys I am absolutely torn as to which watch I should get next (considering my interval for buying watches is probably around 3-5 years per watch!) I currently own an Omega Speedmaster sapphire sandwich as my daily wearer. Option A: Rolex BLNR Option B: IWC Portuguesier Automatic 7-Days (ref: 5007 with updated ceramic components and double barrel spring) Love the Rolex BLNR and also love the 7 day movement of the IWC. They are completely different watches and I hope to...
lol holy smokes, 38 degrees is HOT. The best thing about singapore is actually the low tax rate. That's about it
just the usual - hot weather, bad clothing, baller watches and nice condos!I miss having seasons though. I usually get pretty excited this time of the year to pick out some nice coats etc and also have a couple of trips down to the slopes (even though australian snow sucks it's a great get together with friends who are too busy to catch up on a regular basis!)
New Posts  All Forums: