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whats so special about those bow ties. do i need to look for avenged 7 folds or no interlining or self tipping etc?
pretty keen. don't know if they'll use sapphire as that's pretty expensive and weighty too i would think
$2,000 is baller for a suit in the mid-west. do u really wanna be so ostentatious about your wealth?!
yeah why don't you walk down to sommerset collection, go to the RL store, and get a RLBL made to measure. What a deal. The suits are beautiful.
Hi Unipair guy, I have PM'd you. I can't visit your site as the domain has expired. do you have a number so I can call you?
there's a tailor in birmingham? I lived there and found nothing.
That's my point. why bother buying some stupid horse logo when u can get the same thing for cheeper at hanes and be cooler in the process. Be cool bro.
its just a crap teeshirt man. even if it was real its not even cool. might as well get hanes.
my friend had a portfolio with 100% allocation in AAPL over the past 18 years, and was in at $4 per share. No dividends until the post jobs era, but the growth in that stock alone outperformed any fund/index. not saying its a good idea but interesting none the less.
I ordered 3 black label suits and 2 purple label ties. They shipped the three suits last Friday but I am yet to hear about the ties.
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