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is that watch $140k?!?!?
Why don't you ask him for his rolex and cash AND his car and possibly his wife.
OK so I have an omega speedmaster. Thinking of adding in either: - Rolex Submariner (No-Date) Pros: Classic, works with any outfit, won't look dated in the next 50 years Cons: Already have a black speedmaster and this may be too similar in a small collection, slightly ubiquitous. OR - Rolex GMT-Master II (Blue/black) Pros: Unique world first two tone ceramic, GMT/date function, in the context of starting my collection it adds more interest with the color scheme, less...
Wow frank. great watch. you've certainly upgraded your tastes over the years!!
THinking of getting an IWC portguese chrono OR a portuguese automatic 7 days. I heard that the automatic 7 days has an upgraded movement this year so that its more accurate. Which one should I cop, given the approximately 3k price differential?!
are u being serious bro? I wore gats with a suit last time.... actually looks so shit
I didn't even think GATs were nice looking, let alone cost $500! Then i bought a pair to test it out.
Can I help you? @needhelp123
thanks for the heads up cyc. what a baller!
wow thats some high end leather goods
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