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I'm interested in a burgundy 5zip but I'm afraid I'll need a large 52 or a slim 54!
Mate it fits perfectly there! as it gets broken it it will drape even better. Don't need to size down. Look what happened to me!! It looks great on you and i actually quite like the properties of the calf too!!
Fok which one is your favourite jacket out of all of them? you should do a consolidated post on all the leathers you have that would be sick!
trashy can be good for attracting a certain kind of women
never tried on an acne leather before but have seen them go on sale a lot.
I just bought a MMM 5Zip in black calf and unfortunately it's too small for me. Tags still attached and unworn, except for trying it on in my bathroom. Looking for $950 USD which includes international shipping to almost anywhere. Measurements are: Neck to Hem: 68cm Pit to Pit: 56cm Shoulder to shoulder:48cm Shoulder seam to sleeve end:63cm Hem width: 52cm [IMG]
So I finally got my size 52 Margiela 5 ZIP Looks to be too snug for my liking and build I think, so weighing up whether to keep or sell
Too bad I sold it @nicelynice. Was way too thick and heavy for my climate but I've since replaced it with a black 5 zip.
Here are some old fit pics of jackets I used to own.
Caustic, let me just start off by saying your last outfit, in my opinion, looks great. Some may feel that it's not SW&D because it doesn't have "Edge" and looks like a well dressed guy on his day off.SW&D is also about proportions - look how Sythese looks like a million bucks with his fits and proportions being as spot on as a well tailored suit.But I'm certainly getting a bit better at it myself, and wear the things that I personally think look cool.Anyways, here are some...
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