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i now own the best shoes ever. thanks for all the input guys!
yeah get in man. Time in is better than timing. time and time again.
sorry to hear about your disability hirsch? Is it a physical disability that prevents you from wearing shoes or mental?Crockett and Jones fit me fine though, and depends on the last, but I do agree with you that they aren't the most comfortable shoe of mine.
is charly still open for orders? I am moving to a warm climate for 2 years, so I don't need the jacket back at least until then....
stop acting like morons and stfu. Will this push into fresh food work for Amazon?
are u guys seriously complaining about not receiving your jackets? Its like $750 - big deal. Just move on, otherwise it's going to cause you more stress than it's worth. You guys make it look like Drew made off like a bandit, like he's taken hundreds of thousands off customers to fund a new car or whatever... give the guy a break its just a piece of dead skin.
you're welcome mate. SPWR is worth a look too.
Just bought Carmina Double Monks on the INCA last..... I hope theyre not too pointy
SCTY and SPWR are on some major discount right now. Oil prices are down due to short term supply/demand, and has weighed into all energy stocks. Oil in the long term is finite and over a 20 - 50 year horizon, Solar is going to no doubt fill the void. This one is a no brainer here.
Craig you're as stiff as a long, hard, black rock!But you do look like you belong on the set of a 1960s movie.
New Posts  All Forums: