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lol holy smokes, 38 degrees is HOT. The best thing about singapore is actually the low tax rate. That's about it
just the usual - hot weather, bad clothing, baller watches and nice condos!I miss having seasons though. I usually get pretty excited this time of the year to pick out some nice coats etc and also have a couple of trips down to the slopes (even though australian snow sucks it's a great get together with friends who are too busy to catch up on a regular basis!)
sup guys. checking in from singapore. I miss Australia.
wow thats sick!
Hey guys, looking to return the kingsman tuxedo I got above, if anyone wants it for cost price of $899 shipped anywhere in the world, PM within the next few days, before I return it to Mr. P!
Speaking of Mr. Porter - I'm returning a tuxedo that I bought, if anyone wants to pick it up at cost before I return it let me know.
Hi Guys, Bought a Kingsman Tuxedo from Mr Porter, and isn't my thing, so putting this up for a few days to see if anyone wants to take this off me at cost price (50% off), otherwise I will return it. I have two sizes: Size 42R and 42L and size 36 pants. Neither have been altered or worn. $899 USD shipped to anywhere in the world! This Kingsman tuxedo jacket is a classic style that looks fresh, sharp and modern. Crafted from textural wool and mohair-blend in...
they're around $900! does anyone know who manufacturers these in England? Huntsman?
heres something for the kingsman collection:
ended up getting the last Kingsman Tux in 42L and 36 pants from Mr Porter! Says it fits small but I hope I didn't size up too much (usually wear 42R in RLBL but I need to lengthen the sleeves). If it doesn't fit, then it'll likely be back on porter! Anyone have thoughts on quality of the kingsman suits/tuxes at 50%-60% off?
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