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Wow frank. great watch. you've certainly upgraded your tastes over the years!!
THinking of getting an IWC portguese chrono OR a portuguese automatic 7 days. I heard that the automatic 7 days has an upgraded movement this year so that its more accurate. Which one should I cop, given the approximately 3k price differential?!
are u being serious bro? I wore gats with a suit last time.... actually looks so shit
I didn't even think GATs were nice looking, let alone cost $500! Then i bought a pair to test it out.
Can I help you? @needhelp123
thanks for the heads up cyc. what a baller!
wow thats some high end leather goods
probably just a regular ol cum stain.
How's the quality of ETQs? looking at the runners
I know you need help but I thought it was against the rules to ask for codes?
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