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where's the best place to buy a watch in sydney? Thinking about getting an IWC portguese chrono
now that would look marvelous!!!
Perhaps my next pair will be a suede adelaide to wear with a linen suit.
The punch caps are aldens, in color 8, as well as the 6" boots behind them
A couple of C&Js here
Spend a nice afternoon looking after my footwear...
Applied a coat of Sapphire Renovateur to all my shoes today, and then brushed them. Should I do anymore?
i now own the best shoes ever. thanks for all the input guys!
yeah get in man. Time in is better than timing. time and time again.
sorry to hear about your disability hirsch? Is it a physical disability that prevents you from wearing shoes or mental?Crockett and Jones fit me fine though, and depends on the last, but I do agree with you that they aren't the most comfortable shoe of mine.
New Posts  All Forums: