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it's the lighting.... https://www.rolex.com/watches/oyster-perpetual/m176200-0014.htmlAgree Frank - it's one or the other haha... although I could do a Hulk or Ceramic daytona next to this piece..... but that's a bit of a superfluous dream.
[[SPOILER]] Alright guys - the piece has landed, and took a his and her's shot at brunch yesterday with the missus' oyster Thanks for all the input guys - you know who you are!
you should just go in and negotiate - i am not sure they would necessarily mark down
25% on TAG would be what I'd expect from my AD, 30% if I'm lucky
me too frank! i wonder if it will be a co-incidence and we post the same watch lol
looks like fashion stealer is dead
this looks amazing Rob, how thick is the denim?
whoa where did you get that denim shirt or jacket whatever it is????
avoid the spam.above. No good cobblers!!!
what kind of conditioner do you use for cordovan and ankles?
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