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what are your concerns on the solar industry long term? margin squeeze through competition and commoditization? I think SPWR is quite innovative especially with the LCPV tech... but hardware is challenging. Long term solar has to be the way to go in terms of satisfying the growing energy demands of the world.
wow carmina's are so beautiful I cannot wait to get more... or should i get aldens
KMI is a sick cunt company. will do well long term IMO. SPWR can be had for a bargain.
the bureau doesn't do black friday. everyday is black in ireland.
Up for sale is a Polo RL navy blazer, in a 100% wool flannel with gold buttons. Worn twice, but not for me. RRP was $1095 but bought it on 30% off... looking to offload to a better home. Condition is excellent, almost brand new and kept in a vacuum bag. $600USD shipped internationally, but discount shipping for Aus buyers.
mate they will be water resistant to some extent, but no boots can be entirely waterproof unless they're proper goretex/equivalent. Try filling up your sink and putting your snowdens in the sink, and im sure after a while the water will seep through.
nah they're not that water proof, last time i was in a flood of about half a foot of water, and i definitely got really wet. never would of happened if i had goretex hiking boots, so i decided not to wear the connistons when doing a 12 mile hike again!
Hey Steve, thanks for the shoes man! they're awesome.
where's the best place to buy a watch in sydney? Thinking about getting an IWC portguese chrono
now that would look marvelous!!!
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