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what kind of conditioner do you use for cordovan and ankles?
Unlikely, yes. But it's tail risks that will cause me to have prolonged capital loss. (I'm long only)
I think the biggest risk if the EU actually falls apart with france and the dutch calling their own referendums and then uncertainty remains for another 3 years+
Bad luck there Master-class, noone could've seen that coming. My buys at 102 and 114 have turned out to be pretty damn sweet. Not to be greedy but I definitely saw upside to the buy-out price, but I cannot be greedy...
AAPL is my largest position. Still buying at these prices. Inevitably replacement cycles will shorten, but I think price has been an overreaction. Cheap Chinese phones still don't compare to AAPL.
looks like a stitching hole. If you can return it and get a replacement pair for the same price, i would do that, otherwise I think its OK to keep for an $80 saving! just put some wax in there and conditioner, and polish it off
I haven't bought a pair of Alden since 2012 (esp since the USD has strengthened a lot since then), but every time i put them on i feel like a million bucks ha!
i think theres place for alden in every wardrobe. They're amazing
wow i wonder how many people would kick drew's ass if they ever met him in real life?
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