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Too bad I sold it @nicelynice. Was way too thick and heavy for my climate but I've since replaced it with a black 5 zip.
Here are some old fit pics of jackets I used to own.
Caustic, let me just start off by saying your last outfit, in my opinion, looks great. Some may feel that it's not SW&D because it doesn't have "Edge" and looks like a well dressed guy on his day off.SW&D is also about proportions - look how Sythese looks like a million bucks with his fits and proportions being as spot on as a well tailored suit.But I'm certainly getting a bit better at it myself, and wear the things that I personally think look cool.Anyways, here are some...
LOOOOLLL fuck you are right mate. Did not realise it was a scroll bar. anyways, hopefully the calf isn't too stiff!
I dunno what version of the site I am on, but definitely didn't have it Anyways, glad to know that it is calf so thanks for your help!
lol matches fashion didn't say whether it was calf or lamb.... it just said "black, leather"Short is not good for since I have long arms (Standard TOJ size 50 i had to +2" to arms). I'm in deep anticipation now of whether or not it will fit...
Thanks @hoodog I copped the last 52!Cheers @LA Guy - I am slightly top heavy, but I generally don't intend to layer a sweater under the leather since I don't live in a really cold climate so I do hope it fits.Hey @dieworkwear, how do I know weather or not the one I just bought is Calf or Lamb??? Is that Calf really that bad (i.e. as thick as a TOJ Calf)?
Just copped a margiela 5 ZIP from MATCHES fashion. Bought a size 52. I wear size 42 in suits, 6'2" and 200lbs, will this fit me?
Dahl5yakees, do you know if the George Cleverley Boots are made by C&J? Cheers
Anyone have views on Core Labs CLB as an oil field services company? Is it really unlikely that margins can be maintained going forward as producers implement greater cost discipline?
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