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Question - how do you guys store your watches and how about travel? Anyone use any watch travel cases and recommend any?
great piece, there's something about the rugged sensibilities that mark a true tool watch - something that is not really found on rolex watches these days.
says the guy with the user name coxsuckie!
lol san diego in 2013? That probably was me ha ha ha!
I didn't really think it was a big deal! I've worn that into clubs before, inadvertently of course.
Dino, you just provided the elaborate version of my experiences also.
J farren Price forgot i was an existing customer and offered me one after 2 months, but then i wasn't in town to buy it, then the wait list became 12 months, and they must've forgotten who i am (I'm AriGold bitch!) and never called me back...The Rolex Boutique remembered who I am and got me one around 3 months.
Its alright to just wear the cardigan with nothing underneath, no problems. Except one time, at the airport security told me to take off my outerwear, and told them it's not outerwear because i had nothing underneath. They forced me to take it off and it was a little bit cold since it was winter. Other than that. All good.
I can verify MD and Exdeath's account, living in Sydney and Singapore stock is quite limited here but grey markets can source regularly, often coming from EU markets (romania etc). SS Ceramic Daytonas are going for 16.7k USD in Singapore Grey dealers. So I'm wearing my little BLNR until the Ceramic Daytona is available at proper list price.
Nice man. I reckon most guys here should be on VIP status if not close based on the watches shown in this thread! That is the value of buying watches from one dealer and building a relationship!
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