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not many good PSAs lately i wish i had some to share
wow they look like sick cunt!
lol wow you have very little humility
flush looks great, but I can't justify that price! I pay only $15 for nailed in ones that have held up well for over 3-4 years at least
its OK infdl.long term man. keep holding tight.
those pennies are beautiful! got a pair myself but in the wrong damn size
My friend just got me a pair of Prescots from RL but he got the wrong size... I love how versatile the brown cordovan is... almost like cigar. in my sig if anyone is keen.
^damn those marlows are nice after some wear. My friend bought me a pair of Prescotts in UK10 instead of US10... so i've put them in my sig.
My friend bought me a pair of Ralph Lauren Prescotts from his US trip but unfortunately he got the wrong size. -split toe -half strap -dark brown Horween shell cordovan -single leather sole Got a great deal on these were a floor display stock for the mannequins but never worn. As a result theres slight scuffing on the soles but otherwise they're practically brand new - see the photos for the full details. Looking to get back what I paid for them. Will provide free...
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