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JL Towcesters in Chestnut Museum Calf - worn 2-3x, amazing quality and detailing throughout...incredible shoes in excellent condition, barely scuffed in. These are on the 1000 last, so fit is a roomy 12 US. Original box, bags, some literature included.
Nice pair of navy suede with red stitching driving mocs from the Leffot boys - these are a high quality shoe with fantastic details throughout. Measure around 12.75" x 4.25" Worn 1-2 times indoors, excellent overall condition.
You know you want a Budapester. Amazing shoe for the flaneur....super versatile, comfortable and extremely well crafted...these are a 45, so fit a 12D just right. Excellent shape, Topy'd, lasted trees, original bags and box - a lot of shoe for the $.
A nice pair of Churchs WIngtips here - 12D. Nice overall condition...purchased NOS with some dark markings on them that is accentuated by the lighting in the photos, though covered by all but the most severely narrow cuff. High quality shoes that have been worn perhaps 2X. 12"-7/8 x 4" 1/4 outer measurements SOLD - thanks Seth and SF
EG for RLPL Wingtip Monks on the superb 888 last. These are fantastic in every respect and like new, with lasted trees. I could have gone on a nice vacation for the original price. Scarcely worn (4-5 times max) - superb shoes with original box, bags, trees et all...wear them on vacation for a pittance... Marked 11.5/12D - I am a 12D and they are a perfect fit. 12"-7/8 x 4"-1/4 outer measurments. SOLD, thank you SF
BRR. 28 and windy
These boots are sold - thank you SF and Areez.
These are in excellent shape and are a gorgeous cognac color - buckles swapped from gold tone to chrome by Lobb. These are a U.K 11E, so run like a very snug U.S. 12...probably good for an 11/11.5 U.S. I have one Lobb bag and a Lobb box for these
Light wear and in very nice shape, 12D. Topys recently applied - super versatile boots. Original box, bags & cloth
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