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It actually reminded me somewhat of "I, Claudius".
Don't have the answer, but have to add that this is perhaps one of the greatest miniseries of all time. You might think that...I couldn't possibly comment.
I'm heading in this weekend and wanted to see if it was worth the trek from downtown. thanks.
Apparently, this place opened up and has a great selection of clothing. Anyone have any firsthand feedback?
It's actually Wat Pho that is the massage school (only for the "rub" part though).
No for 2 reasons: 1) pain in the neck to have to check so many forums - i much prefer hitting reload 2) too many subfora dilutes the main forum why the sudden expansion urge?
I agree with the earlier comments - not really a fan of the new forum, but perhaps for a different reason. Simply find it tiresome to keep having to go back to the main page and click through 10 different forums. I much prefer to stay on this page and hit reload, with an occasional visit to the buy/sell forum.
Not to hijack my own thread, but i've actually wondered - a) how are Borrelli's suits and what would be the "peer group" and b) who makes Isaia's shirts and ties? The stitching of their shirts seems remarkably similar to Borrelli shirts.
I forget his name. He was tall and had worked in italy for a while before new york.
Well, I pulled the trigger on a super 130s navy pinstripe Isaia MTM (went for a burgundy lining). Also met the Isaia north america Rep. We'll see how it looks in 6-8 weeks....
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