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^^^^^just to stress, these are not the looks i was thinking of. much cleaner and simpler, think single button, peaked lapel, bow tie, NO hideous satin vest.
I may be the only one who thinks this, but wear a tux. Yes a nice one is expensive, but you should be able to find something in the 500-600 range. Its your wedding not a job interview, and its in the evening. I would be more flexible if it was day time, but a formal evening event, that you are basically the host of, you should be in a tux. just my 2 cents
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven I can have 5 great customers in a row. and then it is the one asshole that ruins my day.. +1
My personal favorite that gets me totally enraged is when a customer picks up a suit they bought, it fits perfectly, and then they do the double, "heil hitler" and stretch their arms out as far as possible and proclaim, "these sleeves are too short". I roll my eyes, and tell the it can only be one length. do you want it 4 inches too long when you arms are down, or too short the one time you try to dunk a basketball in your suit? they usually forget about it quickly...
You all know the quality, no need for explanation. Great Coats, Great Prices... 48R 3 button/ roll for 2 sides vent buttons and thread inside interior pocket 100% Cashmere Chest: 50in. Waist: 51in. Sleeve: 27in. Shoulder Width: 21in. Length, from bottom of the collar: 32.5 42L two button I believe the sleeves have been shortened about a half an inch single vent I am guessing 100% wool - can't find any info on the coat,...
yes, both those suits are made by peerless. I am sure if you search this website you will find a solid amount of disdain for these wretchedly made garments.
I will not divulge my personal feelings for the man, however, we have 3 pages of discussion of Bill Maher without discussing his hideous, ill-cut, and ill fitting suits?
All brand new with tags, Ted Baker outerwear. All $150 shipped to CONUS. I have more if you are looking for something specific. All 100% leather, except the duffle, which is 75% Wool, 25% Polyamide. Tons of fun details. They are great coats for the upcoming fall and winter. Let me know if you would like to see more pics of anything. thanks- jeff Brown Bomber size 4 ~a trim 40R full zip front 4 front pockets short stand up collar Chest: 43 Waist:...
Starting with Silk Wovens from Venanzi. All made in Italy. They are 57in. x 3in. (at widest point). $40 shipping to CONUS. I will ship internationally, but buyer will need to cover cost. thanks - jeff Burgundy and fine beige stripe Hunter Green with large white stripe Burgundy/Wine with large white stripe Dark Navy Blue with large white stripe Black with large orange stripe Gray with large yellow stripe Purple with fine...
My favorite film of all time let alone documentaries is "Fast, Cheap, and out of Control." by Errol Morris. go watch it now.
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