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Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Do you have any Venanzi socks left? still have lots of solids, not so much of the argyles. Still some but I sold a lot and cant update the thread. Let me know if something interests you.
Hello, these are all from the now closed store Venanzi, here are some pics from the architect that designed the shop, http://www.diarch.net/retailandresta...nzi-store-nyc/. Really beautiful wools, cashmeres, tweeds. All are handmade, with very natural shoulders. I believe most of these are made by belvest, although a few are produced by another Italian Factory, and the last one, the glenplaid in camel hair, is St. Andrews. Please let me know if if you have any further...
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy PROTIP: If your belt buckle is pointing toward the ground, you need to pull your pants up, fatty. Use suspenders if you have to. While I completely agree, and even after showing them the benefits of wearing their clothing correctly, I often have customers who do not, and as I read earlier in this thread, the customer is always right.
Quote: Originally Posted by Animal Thug Most of my pants are higher in the back than the front. Just sayin' are you talking about the hem, or the waistband?
I only slant cuffs for people with a large belly, because a lot of time the wear the back of the pant higher than the front, as it sit under the belly. By slanting the cuff to the back, it will sit straight when the waistband is tilted to the front. My father seems to believe this is the correct way to do everyones pants, however i highly disagree. The greater the taper in the pant the harder it is to slant without the hem almost having a curve. I personally would rather...
While I have always thought this to be true, we have about 20 or so handmade pleated, in both cotton and linen, in white, pink, and light blue. These are from the store Venanzi, and I just have a difficult time believing that these were intended for formal wear. I have most everything they sold, and they didn't sell any tuxes. And I doubt it would be in Venanzi's ethos to wear these with a tux, with the extremely classic look he seemed to aim for. Am I missing something?...
This is not a zegna suit. The maker occasionally uses zegna fabric. And $470 is not a bad price, but claiming it retails for $2350 is absurd. I would say the work involved is in the $800-$1000 range, at full retail.
Here is a selection of beautiful Grenadine tie from Venanzi. All silk, made in Italy, retailed for $179 I believe. They are 59in. x 4in. I am asking $40 shipped to CONUS. Add $5 for international. The pocket squares are 100% silk and made in Italy as well. Asking $20 shipped. thanks- jeff burgundy, gold, hunter green Hunter green, gold, burgundy Gold, burgundy, hunter green Navy Blue, maroon Silver, navy blue Greyish-Brown, silver burgundy, beige,...
^^^^^just to stress, these are not the looks i was thinking of. much cleaner and simpler, think single button, peaked lapel, bow tie, NO hideous satin vest.
I may be the only one who thinks this, but wear a tux. Yes a nice one is expensive, but you should be able to find something in the 500-600 range. Its your wedding not a job interview, and its in the evening. I would be more flexible if it was day time, but a formal evening event, that you are basically the host of, you should be in a tux. just my 2 cents
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