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great looking shoes!
I may be wrong, but it looks as thought the back was already taken in a bit, and they even moved the front buttons to get a slimmer cut (and the may be a .5 inch too high). First, have the button moved back to there original position. That is why the bottom of the coat sits funny when buttoned, and i think it might also explain the bulging pockets.
Quote: Originally Posted by IronRock Fair point well made - stick to the topic. I'm not wearing this right now, but i did wear it on Christmas eve at my Parents inlaw's: Very nice, but i think the bra looks a size too big... the choker is excellent accessory choice, I also like the tattoo/scar, nice touch, I'm sure the in-laws were impressed
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack Dude really is a dead ringer for James Brown. Even the hair is similar. My first thought as well. Supposedly when he died something like 43 people came out to say they were his children and put in claims for his estate. Maybe?
move to the crossroads (basically downtown), lots of new lofts, and art and such... You sound too young for brookside or the plaza, Maybe westport too, but it getting kinda beat up these days. And if you want a huge loft for almost nothing, in a really cool part of town that won't have much in it for the next 5 years or so, try the west bottoms. River market isn't bad either.
the only things that stands out from a MC point of view is the legs on the pants are a bit fuller. Maybe nut-huggers are on there way out? you wouldn't hear me complain.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pieceofsand Here in Northern Michigan, some guys seriously just wear shit like this: Not to claim I'm a fashion expert, but I do dress above average. This isn't much competition at all. Where I am from, this is church and wedding attire
Better than a 5% drop- opening the remaining sportcoats and outerwear to best offers. Please be reasonable. thanks- jeff
I'll just add The Riches, and fantastic show with Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver as Irish Gypsies, was great and ripped off the air, i think adfter the 2nd season.
Rob - length is measured from bottom of the collar.
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