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Very nice!
I will add I have had 4-5 customers in the last two months complain about their elbows ripping out of BB slim fit shirts, not sure if they were non-iron or standard. At first I just thought they were just rubbing them against their chair or desk, because I generally believe BB is a medium quality place, but after this thread I'm beginning to think differently, at least where these slim fit shirts are concerned. One guy brought one of them in to show me, it was a 4in or...
I have a medium gray sharkskin for sale at It is not shiny sharkskin, but the fabric is beautiful. Not sure what size your looking for but there are only a few left. Let me know if I can help.
A beautiful french made film camera. Although this thread seems to have moved away from camera, I always thought the design of the was reamarkable.
So there's 3 of least business should be good in a few years....(another excuse)
I donated and posted to my facebook. Stylegal- the tailer looks great, almost a mini film in itself. As a third generation tailor (although i use the term loosely, as I am not in the same league as the men you mention in your film, or even some of the posters in this thread), I know of no one my age (31) who understands the art of tailoring, and I think you did a fantastic job expressing that it is an art, not just something most Americans assume a foreigner should do. I...
Just wanted to say that I had an excellent experience dealing with A Fine pair of Shoes. Ordered a pair that were too big. They helped me find the right size and got them back to me extremely fast. thanks
These most likely have a chain stitch keeping the seat together. If the stitch is not locked and the wrong thread gets pulled, it will just fall out entirely. Maybe someone at the factory didn't know how to lock the stitch?
Quote: Originally Posted by whereismyshoe don't use fucking comic sans +1
pm on the mora's
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