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This movie is incredible, especially for you NYC dwellers.Also go see Moonrise Kingdom, lots of retro New England prep clothing to see, and a really fun film.
Just watched the last two episodes (not sure how i missed the first one), they have gotten really great. A great blend of information and entertainment. It really hits the perfect pitch. Can't wait for more.
Thought I'd bring this back to life. There are some great suits in this trailer, and its also one of my favorite films.
He may just make the original darts deeper
If your being serious, which i think you are, I have seen this problem before. The problem is not the fabric, or the construction of the clothes, it is your gate (not sure on the spelling for this use). When you walk, with your particular gate, you are rubbing the pants together, and if you rub them together too much, you wear out the fabric quickly. Having a tailor reinforce this area will help, but they will still wear out. You could try to find particularly durable...
Not trying to be a dick to the op, but i agree. I think that is a womens coat. The shoulders and extra room in the chest, as well as the length all give credence to this theory. It's kind of a cool picture I suppose.
Film influences style incredibly. Jumping to the other side of the forum, here are two films, both directed by the photographer Larry Clark. "Kids" completely influenced the sweatwear I used to wear in the end of nineties, and "Wassup Rockers" is still the first blip on the pop culture radar showing the shrunken fit of everything, especially skinny jeans. These were poor, I believe Guatemalan skaters in south central LA wearing the same clothes at 15 they wore when they...
This epitomizes french style, then and now. I just found this tread and could probably post continually all day. This will be my last today.
This is all Ralph Lauren, as have all of Woody Allen film since, maybe not classically elegant, but classic casual americana, probably what Ralph Lauren does best.
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