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I may have what you looking for. PM me
Opening our second shop and carrying Loake, thought you guys might enjoy this pic of the lineup.
Great Interview.... great responses - thoroughly enjoyable
Not sure what I admire more in this thread, the clothing, or photography skills, nevertheless I was dressed for the challenge and never played before, thought I'd give it a go: [[SPOILER]]
For the midwesterners, http://amazinggarmentrepair.com/ , they do really great work
Thought I would share my success with you guys. Ordered 3-4 weeks ago, got a payment request saturday, or monday, and the shoes showed up today. Fit is good, and I can see no issues with the finishing. Totally happy and satisified. Heres some pics, black calf double monks:
Thanks for the kind words Fok. I'm happy to contribute to the cause.
I missed the premiere, but last nights episode was hilarious.
This movie is incredible, especially for you NYC dwellers.Also go see Moonrise Kingdom, lots of retro New England prep clothing to see, and a really fun film.
Just watched the last two episodes (not sure how i missed the first one), they have gotten really great. A great blend of information and entertainment. It really hits the perfect pitch. Can't wait for more.
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