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I believe the old styles use some of the best leather out there.. I've got a pair of Chetwynds in brown that I adore. Lovely shoes.IG
Well, I took the plunge today and got a pair of Chetwynds. I think they're a lovely shoe. Quite happy with my purchase.IG
Thanks for your thoughts DrummingDude (i'm a guitar player by the way). Speaking of Ferragamo, I had a beat up pair that I thought were gone, but as as last ditch effort I took them to a shoe repair place near where I work and they did a magical job on them. I've had them over 12 years with heavy use and they've shined up with their repair work as if they're just a year or two old. I've also got two pairs of Church's (a Ryder III and their Darwin loafer) which I do like...
I just want to say that I've been in the market for shoes lately, doing my research and such. I don't understand the bashing that Church's gets on this forum generally. I've checked out a number of the high end shoes on Jermyn Street (and around Bank Tube station) and I'm liking what Church's has on offer. I particularly like the Chetwynd in Walnut Nevada calf. Does anyone on checking this thread on Church's have any experience with this model? IG
Sweet shoes in a great colour. IG
Love the bourbon colour. I'm thinking of getting some myself. I think it could work.IG
I'm not sure.. I just know I got a walnut strand and a black Park Ave.IG
Yes, I may add to the collection with a bourbon color (which I love). It's just that walnut was on sale and figured I'd snag two. Had bourbon been on sale also, I would have surely bought one. I was tempted by the LaSalle in chili (also on sale) though, but then I thought maybe it's a bit too much on the red spectrum.Cheers,IG
Thanks for the suggestions Teal. I did, in fact, purchase the two Strands mainly for casual/dress casual purposes (I just couldn't pass up that sale so bought two pair). I didn't mean to imply that these were shoes I'd wear regularly to the job, but perhaps I did. I like the burgundy on the McAllisters so maybe I'll go with that, even if at full price if Nordstrom doesn't have that color in the sale. Thanks again.Cheers,IG
To the AE fans: I've just scored 2 pairs of walnut Strands and one black pair of Park Avenues from the Nordstrom sale. If you had to choose an alternative color for the Park Avenue, what would it be? I'm thinking of picking one more pair. I'd wear them mainly for work (banking). What would you guys recommend? Do not be confined only to the colors Nordstrom is offering during their sale for this question.. Thanks in advance for any replies. Kind Regards, IG
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