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Although after 2 drinks she's starting to look pretty good (her sartorial indiscretions not withstanding).
Apparently not.
Sh*t, my mistake...one of them's a chick.
Hmmm....there are a couple of guys at the bar in sweatshirts with their baseball caps on backwards. Is that you PSG & Fok?
Sh@t, I thought the dolphin experience was AFTER the O'Mast...I'm missing it. Is that in Parker's room??
Hmmm...so I'm in the bar and I'm the only guy wearing a tie. Not a good sign. Am I going to have to drink alone?
Up...definitely up
Well, if I were going to Credo/Wingtip that would be applicable, but since I'm just coming for the film, I think I need to have my cocktails before. I'm going to wrap up work and walk over in about an hour.PSG/Fok - are you still going to be in the bar then? (Dumb question I'm sure, but thought I'd ask).
So the film starts at 6:30. What time do the cocktails start flowing? (Or have they already started?)
Claro. I'm bummed that I can't make the dinner. I work 1/2 block away from Credo, so maybe I'll pop in for lunch as a small homage to SF's evening festivities tonight.
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