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Yes, but only one for yourself (in appreciation for organizing this soirée ;-)
Gus, Add me to the list - I'll be attending (I work 2 blocks away and just joined the club, so no excuse for missing this one ;-). Mark
There is a garage just around the corner from Wingtip on Clay after Montgomery and another on Pine between Montgomery & Kearney (a couple of blocks from Wingtip). I'd call Wingtip and ask them for recommendations.
Yeah, that's my reaction now every time I see a photo of myself as well - getting old sucks.
I vote for Naples
Guys, outstanding event so far. Fok, Gus, Kevin, et al, great to finally meet all of you. Looking forward to today's activities. You should make this an annual soirée.
Oh wait, some guy just walked in wearing a suit, tie AND a pocket square. Gotta be an SF baller. I mean what are the odds?
Since I'm still drinking alone, I'll have to.
I was talking about the chick in the baseball cap, not Kabbaz btw.
Although after 2 drinks she's starting to look pretty good (her sartorial indiscretions not withstanding).
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