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Greg - since it's looking like the navy Fox Flannel isn't going to happen, did you ever get a response from Nick on the weight of the blue donegal tweed?
As expected actually. I voted for it. Not as my first, second or even third choice, but if it were the only one to make the cut, I'd probably pull the trigger on it. I'm guessing that it was a choice for a lot of people, but way down on the list.I'm more interested in the fact that there were > 50 votes, but only 13 commitments now. WTF?
Hmmm...looks like the navy herringbone flannel & blue herringbone tweed may have to combine forces ;-)
Yeah, size is an issue for me as well. I'd buy 1 & 3 also, but only if in 9cm.Also, is the plan to do self-tipped, untipped, etc.?
I just cast my vote for No. 1 as well, but I'd take 1 or No. 3. What about sizing? Are you only going to do the standard Drake's sizing of 8cm or will you do some in 9cm as well?
That looks nice. What's the weight? Plan for any long sizes in that model?
Greg, sorry if you've already answered this: are you only going to do regular sizes for this MTO odd jacket project or will there be any option for a long size (I'm 6'2").
Ami, thanks for being such a gracious host (as always). Gus, thanks for organizing (again). Great to see a few familiar faces and to meet several new ones.
YeahYea, I wonder the same thing. Maybe we need a secret sign or something?
[quote. Also, as much as you could say this about any city, is SF considered a more or less formal type of place when it comes to business (medical field)? Thanks and I look forward to meeting some igents soon.[/quote] SF is an extremely casual city. I typically where a suit or odd jacket/trousers & tie to work and I rarely see more than a dozen men wearing coat and tie on any given day.
New Posts  All Forums: