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So speaking of length, I noticed on the NMWA site that the trousers on the SF suits has the same measurement listed for the "L" sizes as for the "R" at 36.6". This seems way too short for a decent cuff for those of us on the tall side. Is this right? How do the trousers fit? Did you cuff yours?
No worries. I was more concerned with getting back to Greg and not holding up the process on my account.
Ok, so not that I'm researching my next commission or anything but you had this shepherd check on the NMWA tumbler sometime ago. Do you know what the cloth is and do you happen to have a photo of the completed jacket?http://instagram.com/p/jKzYTjjU3F/
Ok, after much measurement, deliberation, re-measurement, brow-furrowing and gnashing of teeth, I think I've decided to go with the 52R instead of the 52L. My NSM commissions are all 31" and upon further review I think that's the length for an odd jacket for me (give or take a 1/2 inch). If I do a SF suit, I think I'll opt for the 52L as I like my biz suits a little longer than the odd jacket. Let the tailoring begin. Murl, thanks again for the photos.
Oh, so NOW they come out of the woodwork for an order But hey, the more the merrier.
Ok, thanks man - that's helpful and I really appreciate it.
Ok, that's helpful.
That's what I thought, but it seems to vary a lot from tailor to tailor, right?
That would be really helpful if you could post those.Yeah, my NSM is also shorter in the rear than the front, so that info on the Formosa is helpful.
Therein lies the rub - if this were a suit (especially a biz suit), it would be a no brainer for the 52L. But I like my I-talian jackets a "little" shorter. My NSM bespoke jackets are 31" and look good but seem just a 1/2" to 3/4" too short. Just not sure I need the extra 1.2". Don't want to over-analyze it as I'm sure either will work.
New Posts  All Forums: