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@gdl203 - you had this shepherd check on the NMWA tumbler sometime ago. Do you know what the cloth is and do you happen to have a photo of the completed jacket? http://instagram.com/p/jKzYTjjU3F/
Isn't that the truth.
LOL - yeah, me too . I think all off us 6'+ footers are keeping tabs on each other's fit
+10. Sheesh, Murl, that fit is about as good as it gets. Looks great.
But you're participation in TFF was greatly appreciated
@AJL yes, I received an email from @GDL203 on Thur. Check your Junk email folder. Otherwise, let Greg know ASAP.
Or I could just have a couple of inches removed from my legs like Ethan Hawke did in Gattica.
Yeah, I guess so - but not a fan.That now explains why I frequently have so much trouble finding trousers that are long enough.So for reference, for a 2" faux cuff I need ~3" extra (2" for the "cuff", 1/2" for the "faux" and another 1/2" for the underside)? Or no?
That makes more sense now Greg. I must have longer legs as well. I'm just a shade under 6'2" and I have 33" inseam on my trousers. So I need ~37.5" for a 2" in cuff. Even with a 1.75" cuff I need ~37". Bollocks.
So speaking of length, I noticed on the NMWA site that the trousers on the SF suits has the same measurement listed for the "L" sizes as for the "R" at 36.6". This seems way too short for a decent cuff for those of us on the tall side. Is this right? How do the trousers fit? Did you cuff yours?
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