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+1 Yeah, that's all I care about as well ;-)
@gdl203 - you had this shepherd check on the NMWA tumbler sometime ago. Do you know what the cloth is and do you happen to have a photo of the completed jacket? http://instagram.com/p/jKzYTjjU3F/
Isn't that the truth.
LOL - yeah, me too . I think all off us 6'+ footers are keeping tabs on each other's fit
+10. Sheesh, Murl, that fit is about as good as it gets. Looks great.
But you're participation in TFF was greatly appreciated
@AJL yes, I received an email from @GDL203 on Thur. Check your Junk email folder. Otherwise, let Greg know ASAP.
Or I could just have a couple of inches removed from my legs like Ethan Hawke did in Gattica.
Yeah, I guess so - but not a fan.That now explains why I frequently have so much trouble finding trousers that are long enough.So for reference, for a 2" faux cuff I need ~3" extra (2" for the "cuff", 1/2" for the "faux" and another 1/2" for the underside)? Or no?
That makes more sense now Greg. I must have longer legs as well. I'm just a shade under 6'2" and I have 33" inseam on my trousers. So I need ~37.5" for a 2" in cuff. Even with a 1.75" cuff I need ~37". Bollocks.
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