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Yes a huge thank you for Greg & Kyle for making this happen.
@DeSense So now I'M confused. I'm also 6'2" (just a shade under) and had planned to order the 52L, but now I'm wondering if I'm a 52R in the Formosa.
Yeah, I overshot a bit on the waxing poetic case for the sleeve But I plays to win y'all
But seriously, I'm not an expert and know just enough to be dangerous. That's why after nearly 5 years on this forum, I only have barely 100+ comments. Too many truly knowledgeable people on here who graciously share that knowledge with the rest of us for me to comment very often. I've learned most of what I know about tailoring from this board (and people like Greg, Manton, Will, et al.), a few good blogs and the few bespoke commissions I've done to date (which is an...
I'm just here to help.
Ok, now that we're here, let's address the shoulder issue. As I said, I'll go along with the majority, but I'll make my case for the spalla manica a camicia. This is just my humble opinion and I'm not looking to start any of those infamous SF debates, so I'll make my case once and be done with it. I think a piece of tailored clothing, like a man, should have integrity - to its purpose, the material, etc. in determining the thing that it is. Nothing can be beautiful...
+10I've been tempted to order a Cantarelli several times, but never pulled the trigger because they're just too short. The Longs at just 0.4" longer than the regular isn't much difference IMHO.
It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=a7jJnwEeiU0
That's good and the brown is listed as 17/18 oz in both places, so here's hoping the Fox website is just wrong.
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