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Or your laptop. Several years ago I ruined three MacBooks (trashed the hard drives) over the course of about a year before I figured out it was the magnetic money clip in my front pocket that was doing it.
Guys, I have to be brutally honest here...that's one of the ugliest ties I've ever seen. You should return it immediately (and Kyle, you no where to send it as soon as he does ). But seriously, looks great on you.
It's on!
One of the tri-color Sozzi knits.
Arrrrgh! The tie I wanted is gone now (again). I have got to start pulling the trigger as soon as I put something in the freakin' cart!
Gus, another excellent Meet-Up - great turnout. Jim and Connie Ockert were gracious hosts as always. And @murlsquirl you rock for making the long drive up from SB.
I plan to be at the meetup; dinner is a maybe depending on schedule that day.
+1 Yeah, that's all I care about as well ;-)
@gdl203 - you had this shepherd check on the NMWA tumbler sometime ago. Do you know what the cloth is and do you happen to have a photo of the completed jacket? http://instagram.com/p/jKzYTjjU3F/
Isn't that the truth.
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