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Ice cream eh? Smitten Ice Cream perhaps?
I'm in. See you there!
I'm in as well.
Uh, both.Ok, fine. Option 1 is definitely the more versatile of the two. It's the grey version of a navy odd jacket.
Greg can correct, but I believe just the button stance was moved up just a little on the bottom 2 buttons. Had much better balance then the one piece I tried from last year. I returned for exactly this reason - button was just too low relative to the skirt. Made it kind of "top heavy" I thought. New model was spot on I thought.
I was wondering the same thing; that was a really sweet piece in person. And same for the SF Shepard Check. And the Eidos GC suit. And...
Greg, it was great to see you and it was great to see and try on all of the kit in person on Friday (really like the changes you made to the Eidos fit vs last year). The Force was strong, but I resisted (mostly - a tie & PS, don't count - that's like buying a postcard to commemorate a trip, right?). I'm holding out to see if I get the London gig we discussed, then I'll be in need of more flannel ;-)Thanks again for the dinner on Friday as well. I really had a great time. ...
Well, you could have worn tweed & flannel today - mid 60s, foggy, damp and windy in the city. Near 80 yesterday. Dressing for work in the city is such a crapshoot this time of year.
I'll use another email as Derek suggested and give the NYC or Boston shipping option a try.Btw Gus, sorry I missed the meetup last week. Are you planning anything after the Ring trunk show on Monday?
Ok thanks Derek; that was helpful. I'll assume my emails are in their "junk" folder and try from another email address.I'm kind of bummed they aren't coming back here as I have a few items I wanted to order on their next visit. Guess I'll have to give Steed or Chan a try.
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