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soak em and put em on damp... instant creases
the look with the polo and american cut jeans is bananas
correction: they fade faster, not better imo
favorite are red vans authentics
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Dexstar, which 45rpm are those? nando nando ive been drooling over them forever... but wanted to try them on first theyre the womens model tho... bc denim still beauties tho i prefer the lighter denim right now anyway
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock no flash flash so california camping for the last week has made these fucking filthy. please post pics after the next wash theyre gonna look epic
i got them from another user on sufu havent worn them, the pockets are too big for me sz.32 if anyone is interested
my brother and i have taken about 4 pairs of denim to your store on martel for hemming... and though it is not the most arduous task... we were very satisfied each time... at a reasonable price too I also wanted to ask how much do you charge for patching/reinforcing? also to taper non-selvedge jeans? thanks
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