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SOTD is Idole de Lubin from Lubin. Interesting scent, opened with a massive booze blast but settled quickly into something mildly spicy. About 4 hours in and there's not much remarkable here.
Ahh thank you for that confirmation as i would have likely tried to hunt down a sample of Andy Warhol so I could get my nose on it but it being that inferior I can leave it.This does not surprise me by the way as I find Bond no. 9 to be one of the more disappointing and "over-hyped" houses of the fragrances I have smelled (disclaimer: I have not smelled Bleecker St or New Haarlem yet). Maybe it's just that they put out so many fragrances that I feel are mediocre the...
SOTD is Tom Ford Plum Japonais sample from MasterClasser. I like it a lot, have heard lots of comparisons to Bond no. 9 Andy Warhol which is now discontinued. I may need to add this to the collection.
SOTD is Mont Blanc - Individuel. Blind bought as it's frequently heavily compared to Creed's - Original Santal. Enjoying it so far at the office but feel like it won't last past the 4-5 hour mark.
SOTD is A*Men - Pure Malt, one of my only blind buys. Like this one a lot but the Angel for women fragrance is essentially my girlfriend's "signature scent" and this smells so much like that one I think Mugler just phoned it in after his initial success.
SOTD is Creed Green Irish Tweed enjoying this for early Fall here in Seattle.
SOTD is Comme Des Cargons - Wonderwood This reminds me of a milder Creed Spice & Wood, with worse projection. Can't speak to longevity yet. @Ambulance Chaser Thank you very much for the recommendations I have them all in wishlists across decantshop and Surrender to Chance
I'm a fan of woodsy/spicy fragrances and gourmands (I think?)I have the following full bottles as either purchases I made or gifts:John Varvatos - Vintage got this as a gift last year for my birthday and wore it a lot in the fall/winter, liked this one a lot.Tom Ford - Noir Extreme which I purchased this summer and have been wearing off and on for work as I don't think it's too offensive and a good "office" scent.Azzaro Chrome - Gift which I have never worn, smells...
SOTD is Amouage - Epic Man. I can see why this gets good reviews but not something I would buy a split or bottle of. Will use the rest of my decant up and move along. Looking for suggestions to expand my (tiny) collection, can start a new thread if not appropriate to ask in this one.
How do you like this? Been thinking of picking a sample up.SOTD is Creed Aventus.....don't know what all the hype is about, it's good but nothing blowing me away.
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