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Speaking of better organization, maybe we should create our own database so we get a proper idea of: What styles were ordered when What the batches look like Some kind of estimation of how long it takes
Best post in the past 500 pages. Thanks @panthermodern for the update!
Let's hope it was made to order
You sir are a brave brave man.
Just got one made today! I've got weird proportions so hope it works out. Lets find out in two weeks. Fingers crossed.
Hey guys! Just saw this deal for this new MTM store in NYC Soho. Thought I'd share the love. https://www.marcellacustom.com/us It seems to be from Singapore and Australia. They're making MTM shirts for $39 for this weekend. Probably gonna check it out this afternoon. Will update how it goes.
Is the TOJ logo going to be the yellow or the indented black color?
All the best drew! Definitely down for a bag, wallet or admiral peacoat.
New Posts  All Forums: