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I want to bump this since I have the same question. As I'm getting older and the hair stars to thin I don't want to cut too short but I want to keep it parted and neat.
Yeah I hear you. I was there in November with some friends that never be there so it was hard to hold back.The only thing that saved me is the sizing, I'm not that big but even x-large fits snug.I went to the Van (Jacket) store this time, kinda a funny place, it's like a cheap J. Press full of fake collegiate memorabilia, their shirts are pretty cool though.
Nice pics Jason. Did acquire any interesting gear over there?
Actually there's this really interesting recent article with John Simons.
I just got back from Tokyo a three weeks ago and I got a bunch stuff including of Studio D Artisan, got a heavy melton wool donkey jacket with a round "club" collar.Interesting enough their prices are much more affordable than other brands like United Arrows and Edifice, which are amazing but pricey.
No hem, folded to inside inside. Perhaps invisible hem but no apparent stitching. I see a lot in old photographs with that style, mostly from the 80's.
What about inverted turnups? I really like that look because it's very unique and perfect for worn out non-selvage denim, but I'm not sure how "original" it is.
And this photo is just hilarious.
Looking at this smart looking fellas it reminded me the covers of vintage men's magazines I recently got in a trip to Tokyo. Again it's not skinhead but I think it's still relevant and very interesting in context.
Another item I got last couple of weeks is this Sta-Prest (Slimcuts). I believe it's a early 60's style as it has a more slim fit style (like the name suggest) and turn-ups (which comes with instructions of how to hem it). The actual color is moss green and the material is somewhat light (unlike the early 70's models popular in US).
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