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No love for these? Bought them yesterday
Try Fels Naptha - it works on a lot of very tough stains including oil, you can find it at the grocery store and it looks like a bar of soap.
Quote: Originally Posted by aphextwin07 "black shoes should only be worn to a funeral" quote by someone i can't remember, sums up my thoughts on the topic perfectly. And black suits too, right?
Your socks in particular look quite nice, good luck on Styleforum!
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Do you work as a doorman for Charvet by any chance?
I buy from here when I see something I like and a good price, I don't buy from eBay often. Why? Because here I can do a little research on the seller and see what deals they have done before, what kind of poster they are, etc - I feel it tends to add some legitimacy particularly for a poster with a reasonable post count. I probably buy 1 item every other month or so but if funds allowed I would buy something like once a week To the OP, folks like you with...
I have an appreciation for black shoes and may be adding a new pair today to the collection.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hans Cater I couldn't agree better with you that. But I personally I'm not really into Zegna, i prefer other brands, no offense. I'm considering a pair of XXX GY double monks - list was $1k, what "real" value do members place on this line? I've done searches but actually there is little discussion about Zegna or the Zefer partnership just references to non existant threads.
Who's the maker? I love those details, does it also have a throat latch?
Quote: Originally Posted by razl I bought an item from Yoox that was the last one when I bought it. I happen to check online while I had the last item and it was listed as sold-out. I ended up returning it and, voila!, about a week later it was available. I thought that may be it - still why do the two different country selections show totally different merch?
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